Revolutionise Your Network Infrastructure with Access Networking

Efficient and secure network management is paramount for organisations to keep employees, customers, suppliers, and partners connected safely and reliably. At Daisy, we offer advanced access networking solutions that can seamlessly integrate and optimise your network infrastructure.

Access networking refers to the infrastructure and technology that enables the connection between end users and your immediate service providers. It plays a crucial role in modern telecommunications by facilitating rapid data transfer and cost-effective communication.

Let’s explore how our access networking solutions can help revolutionise your network management and enhance your cyber security posture.

Unify management with Cisco Meraki dashboard

With the increasing prevalence of both on-premises and cloud-based solutions in most organisations, managing these diverse environments can become challenging. However, the Meraki dashboard offers a solution by providing a unified view of your infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly oversee both on-premises and cloud-based components from a single interface. By leveraging the Meraki dashboard, you can simplify infrastructure management, streamline operations, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire network landscape.

The centralised interface simplifies network administration and offers robust monitoring and control capabilities, for full visibility into your network traffic, the ability to quickly detect potential issues, and optimise performance seamlessly. Additionally, you have the flexibility to manage best-in-class Catalyst wireless access points (APs) directly from the cloud, ensuring optimal wireless connectivity and performance for your users.

Simplify operations and enhance productivity

Access networking streamlines network operations and enhances productivity. We provide easy-to-manage software subscriptions that empower you to embrace technology at the speed that suits your organisation’s needs. By simplifying and automating routine tasks, our tailored access networking solutions reduce manual configurations, minimise human errors, and improve operational efficiency.

Centralising network management through the Cisco Meraki Dashboard or leveraging the powerful capabilities of Cisco Catalyst switches frees up valuable IT resources. Your team can focus on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward, rather than getting caught up in the complexities of network management.

Strengthen security and safeguard your network

Ensuring robust network security is of utmost importance in today’s threat landscape. Our access networking solutions incorporate advanced security features to protect your network infrastructure from potential threats. Our solutions help secure access points, safeguard data flows, and leverage the latest security protocols to keep your network and data safe.

With access networking, you can implement granular access controls, enforce network policies, and monitor user activity to detect potential security breaches. You can leverage industry-leading technologies to identify and mitigate threats in real-time, significantly reducing detection time from months to mere hours. By aggregating data from various sources and utilising advanced analytics, we provide comprehensive insights to proactively protect your network infrastructure.

Embrace the future with WiFi 6E and smart workspaces

Access networking also enables you to embrace emerging technologies to future-proof your network infrastructure. Our network solutions empower you to deliver WiFi 6E, the latest standard in wireless connectivity, offering increased bandwidth, reduced latency, and improved user experience. Upgrading your network infrastructure to WiFi 6E allows you to deliver unparalleled wireless performance to your users.

Moreover, access networking empowers you to build smart workspaces that leverage Internet of Things (IoT) devices and technologies. By creating intelligent and connected environments, you can enhance collaboration, optimise resource utilisation, and improve operational efficiency.

Elevate your network infrastructure

As a leader in the fields of cyber security and network solutions, we’re committed to empowering organisations with cutting-edge access networking capabilities. Our expertise, and comprehensive range of services, ensure that your network infrastructure remains efficient, secure, and future-proof.

Discover how our access networking solutions can transform your network management and enhance your cyber security posture. Contact our team of experts today at 0344 863 3000 to learn more about our access networking solutions and how we can assist you in optimising your network infrastructure.

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