Partner Content: Palo Alto Networks’ VM-Series Virtual Firewalls [Report]

Partner Content: Palo Alto Networks' VM-Series Virtual Firewalls [Report]

Research shows cost savings and business benefits of VM-Series next-generation virtual firewalls

Forrester Consulting research reveals that Palo Alto Networks’ VM-Series virtual firewalls can provide 115% ROI over three years with a six-month payback period. Advanced security capabilities are a significant factor in the financial value of VM-Series firewalls.

In the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, Forrester Consulting discovered that organisations were able to fully address the network security challenges of their hybrid and multi-cloud environments after investing in VM-Series virtual firewalls. The extensive research identified that security teams could easily deploy advanced threat prevention controls and define, enforce and manage consistent security policies from a single console. With significantly improved visibility, they were able to gain precise control over traffic to greatly reduce attack surfaces.

This in-depth report provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Palo Alto Networks’ VM-Series virtual firewalls on their organisations.

Report: Cost savings and business benefits of VM-Series

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