Digital Nomads: Fantasy or Reality?


Challenging bias towards remote working can create intelligent workplaces that are more in step with how people live and work.

In the fourth and final instalment of a Raconteur Special Report on Remote Working, we challenge the stereotypes that surround “digital nomads”.

Freelancers who have the capacity to work remotely or on project-based jobs can, and do, take their work to “non-traditional “Instagram-friendly” locations. But why does this attract criticism and an assumption that the freedom to move beyond a traditional office MUST mean that output is somehow diminished?

But while remote working does allow for flexibility in your life; allowing you to visit new places and live life on your time frame, you do also have to be diligent and always plan for things that might go wrong. That includes power outages, poor or non-existent WiFi, computer problems and travel difficulties…

Read the full report for further considerations on the “big change to remote working”.

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