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All this requires an astute, planned and cost-effective use of technology. Our retail customers trust us to help them implement the “must-have” elements in a way that’s flexible, forward-looking and fully in tune with their vision and strategy. A bespoke technology “road-map” from Daisy then allows you to future-proof your operations as new retail solutions and technologies emerge, maintaining your advantage over time.Here’s how we can help…

Your customers

No matter how your customers choose to buy from you, the right technology allows you to offer them a faster, smoother and more enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back. As customer expectations of your in-store and online shopping environments evolve and blur, Daisy helps you blend technologies together in a way that takes personalisation to a whole new level.

The moment a customer connects to your public-facing WiFi, a world of potential opens up. If they’ve shopped with you before, any purchase history can be used to send tailored offers direct to their device or trigger relevant prompts on your digital signage. Location services enable a similar process depending on where in the store the customer looks or wanders. WiFi-enabled point-of-sale, meanwhile, allows them to pay with maximum ease, anywhere in the store.Alongside all these benefits, a seamless WiFi experience can keep customers in store for longer, while encouraging wider sharing of your brand.

Can customers connect with you by whatever means they choose, fully confident that they’ll feel known, recognised and valued? Unified Communications, enhanced with omni-channel contact centre functionality, ensure your people are available via phone, email, chat, social media and even video conferencing. They’ll also have fingertip access to each customer’s data and purchase history, as well as vital product information like pricing and availability – whether through a call centre interface or an in-store tablet.

Cloud-enabled features like intelligent call routing and natural language self-service help to make your service even more seamless, while AI algorithms make each interaction more intuitive and personalised than the last.

To consistently deliver the exceptional experience customers crave, you need a truly agile and powerful infrastructure. In most cases, legacy hardware just won’t cut it. With a scalable, elastic cloud environment, your systems, applications and data talk effortlessly to each other, enabling employees and customers to access and share information quickly and easily, in-store and online.

Cloud-based services also provide unprecedented flexibility to scale capacity up and down to meet periods of increased demand. Meanwhile, Daisy CloudBridge allows you to create a bespoke, multi-cloud infrastructure that meets the unique needs of your retail operation.

Your people

The profile of the retail workforce is changing, with an overall fall in employee numbers and a growing proportion of highly qualified workers. A robust tech plan will be vital in empowering your people to do their best for customers while creating a working environment that attracts and retains the very best. With high-end digital skills likely to come at a premium, working with an experienced technology partner can help you make it a reality.

With a secure, integrated, high-performance network in place, your teams can work smarter, deliver for customers and get more from their jobs. Networked, hand-held devices provide real-time access to inventory levels, even in the biggest stores and warehouses, while reducing the need for paper-based reporting. You’ll also have more options for flexible/remote working – a major factor in retaining top talent. Our approach gives you a network that grows and upgrades as your needs change, enhanced with SD-WAN for total control and visibility.
The more forward-thinking your technology, the more engaged and effective your workforce. Digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams allow colleagues wherever they are, to connect and support each other across different sites and departments, while training can be delivered with ease, immediacy and impact. Virtual Contact Centre, meanwhile, brings your customer-facing and internal communications together via a single, integrated desktop. As employment costs increase, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to optimise and automate a range of processes, freeing up your people for more value-added, rewarding and revenue generating work.

Robust mobile communications are increasingly a must-have for retailers. As well as enabling hyper-efficient communication from any location, they allow you to realise the full collaborative power of your unified communications, along with a range of transformative mobile applications.

Choose between full-service Mobile Device Management and our Bring Your Own Device option, which lets employees access your network in total security with their own tablet or smartphone. Alternatively, for a whole new level of business agility, let Daisy WorkPlace turn each employee smartphone into a full-service extension of your office IT environment.

Productivity and efficiency

In an ultra-competitive sector where customer loyalty can never be taken for granted, being able to adapt and upgrade your technology quickly is vital. Supply chains, logistics and other core activities must be constantly monitored to optimise cost and efficiency, while legacy solutions are almost guaranteed to hold you back. Daisy can help you blend the right technologies to make your business more “joined up” and cost-effective than ever.

A scalable, elastic cloud environment is the bedrock of your “digital fitness”. It allows you to flex your IT resource to meet new opportunities and seasonal spikes in demand, while providing an ideal springboard for evergreen productivity platforms like Microsoft 365. The sharing of documents and data becomes easy and efficient, while being fully compliant with stringent regulation like GDPR.Daisy helps you enhance the performance of your network infrastructure with SD-WAN technology, which simplifies the management of multiple networks and numerous connections. CloudBridge, meanwhile, allows you to combine multiple clouds in a “hybrid” infrastructure that’s tailored to your business needs, while maximising the effectiveness of any legacy hardware.

If project-critical information is fragmented between different departments, misunderstandings and delays are more frequent and things take longer to happen. An effective Unified Communications strategy brings your people and information together naturally and efficiently, combining talent, ideas and action to powerful effect. Tools like Microsoft Teams allow staff to communicate in real time from any location by voice, instant messaging or video. As a result, travel costs plummet and decision-making is faster and better informed.

If you take on seasonal workers, their induction and training can all be provided on-site through an iOS or Android device equipped with Mitel MiCollab, maximising productivity from the outset.

Through enabling the use of more efficient network transport such as SIP Trunking and intelligent call routing can help boost productivity and reduce costs.

A robust mobile strategy, with swift access to the necessary hardware, makes your business more agile. By equipping fleet drivers with the right devices, you can monitor inventory in real time and empower customers to track their own orders. Mobile-enabled store teams can access customer details, product information and stock levels instantly without leaving the shopper’s side. Mobile call recording, meanwhile, helps you uphold service standards and ensure regulatory compliance.

But that’s not all. An emphasis on mobile tech allows you to quickly set up new branches and pop-up stores, trusting Daisy’s supply-chain services to provide all necessary equipment, including PCI-compliant mobile point-of-sale.

Security and resilience

Protecting your customers’ personal and financial data is a core priority, as is being able to stay open and trading come what may. Our experts can help you assess your individual risk landscape and keep your systems backed up and running whatever the threat – from system or hardware failures to online fraud, cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

We offer a formidable range of integrated cyber security options, including advanced intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), next-generation firewalls and more. These protect your PCI-complaint network environments from the threat of data theft, ransomware and other malicious activity. Daisy’s best-of-breed DDoS Protection Service (DDP) is embedded in our core network to protect your applications and internet connections from highly dangerous DDoS attacks.

Daisy WiFi Protect, our security filtering system, gives you peace of mind that anyone (be it staff or guests) will have a safe experience when using your WiFi. This DNS-based system detects and blocks network threats and allows you to decide which content can be accessed and what should be blocked (potentially including competitor websites).

A period of unwanted downtime, however short, can have serious implications. With Daisy, you’ll have the solutions in place to get yourself up and running again at maximum speed in the event of site loss, service outage, user error, app corruption or malicious attack.

Our class-leading Backupservice ensures your critical data is replicated offsite and held in an uncompromised, recovery-ready state, ready for instant re-set. Meanwhile, Safe Haven provides an alternative secure location (including employee workspace) if one of your back-office sites is compromised. Swift, comprehensive break-fix services are available for your hardware and, if your network footprint is large and sophisticated, our FlexConnect tool allows you to reconfigure connectivity and minimise the impact of an outage in one area.

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