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With online retail you lose the ability to upsell directly. The answer? Use the data provided by online interactions more effectively, so your business can draw on it when the customer next engages with you. This results in a much closer relationship, enabling you to send them targeted marketing and increase their total lifetime value.

Legacy data centres can present a barrier to this kind of supple, data-led strategy, while impeding your online growth more generally. A hybrid cloud model can help to mitigate this, protecting legacy systems that can’t migrate to the cloud while migrating those that can in order to minimise capital investment.


Data science

Data analytics can then be used to turn data on buying patterns into insight, enabling targeted offers and campaigns.

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Hybrid cloud model

Daisy’s approach helps you plan and execute the migration of workloads to an elastic cloud infrastructure that can flex in line with seasonal peaks and troughs, while allowing the collection and processing of granular information on each customer’s buying habits.

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