Managing costs effectively

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Amid declining margins and increased fulfilment costs, today’s retailers must keep careful tabs on spending and look to optimise wherever possible. Especially in technology, where Gartner forecasts IT spending in the retail industry to grow by 5.9% – cost management becomes even more imperative.

Our integrated, end-to-end approach to IT and communications means cost-effectiveness is always built in. From recycle and reuse policies that prolong the life of your equipment, to flexible leasing that allows you to adjust for seasonal peaks and troughs, we enable you to streamline costs in multiple areas simultaneously.

Cost-effectiveness is an equally important benefit of our Cloud, Connectivity, and Managed Services offerings.


Daisy Modern Workplace

Rely on our commitment to effective lifecycle management of all equipment, as well as opex provision of devices to enable an evergreen technology model.

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Cloud infrastructure

Our public, private and hybrid cloud strategies are optimised for cost-efficiency, while allowing you to flex and scale to meet seasonal peaks with a minimum of redundancy.

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Connectivity savings

Along with convenient, cost-effective enterprise agreements and lease opportunities, our LAN and WiFi solutions can enable substantial energy savings (e.g. through switchport schedules and other means).

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Managed Services

Almost all our solutions, from Cyber Security and Cloud Hosting to our End-User IT Service Desk, can be deployed as fully-managed services. This saves you the ongoing costs of recruiting and maintaining a similar resource in-house.

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