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From the specification, configuration, and management of the very latest end point technology right through to disposal, we support your users and their devices throughout life.

Delivering the right applications to your users, supporting them, and securing their data whatever their location, Daisy helps you maximise your workforce effectiveness, reduce total cost of ownership, and support your business operations.

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Modern Workplace is a term used to define organisations that recognise how technological and social changes impact the way people work. It embraces the latest technology to best match the way an organisation and its staff are required to work, in order to deliver the best results. It factors in well being and user benefits and recognises that these are important considerations in the success of the organisation.

Microsoft defines it as an operational setup that has been professionally designed to meet both the physical and technological needs of both your organisation and its workforce.

It empowers organisations who recognise collaboration technology as the future to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.
Hybrid working has become a preferred modern workplace approach for many organisations post pandemic, but prior to that, many organisations were already enjoying the benefits that more flexible working delivers. These organisations found it easier to adapt to the technological challenges the pandemic presented.

Hybrid working is a flexible way of working, where employees have the choice of working from the office, from home or other public areas, or a mixture. Employees also have the flexibility of how they work which means having the right collaboration tools, devices, and infrastructure available.
All organisations need to consider the way they operate and how this needs to evolve with changes to the environments we work within, technology, society, culture and so on.

Ultimately, you need to make sure the technology you use is helping you achieve your business objectives in line with change, and not holding you back – especially if you operate in a competitive market.

The right solution for you also needs to address your existing IT landscape and current investments. Putting all these elements together and understanding what solutions are available and the pros and cons, can be complicated. Many organisations partner with providers like Daisy to ensure their technology journey is the right one.

Organisations must think of their objectives first, followed by what skills they require. What does your organisation want to achieve, and by when? Then you should consider the workforce attributes you need to achieve your aims. Where are the skills gaps? Which teams need to be able to do what, by when?
  • Asset Lifecycle Management – securely managing devices in the modern workplace
  • Cloud Desktops – simply delivering Windows applications and desktops to any device
  • User and Endpoint Security – securing users and their endpoint devices
  • LAN & WiFi (Connectivity) – keeping your business connected to secure and reliable network infrastructure
  • End User Devices – devices and software matched to your objectives and your workforce
  • End User Service Desks – user profiles, desired user experience, and training requirements

"Today, to manage the built environment effectively, you have to digitise it in some way. We’re training drone pilots to give us digital images of areas… putting GoPro cameras on the front of trains to survey lines. It’s becoming much more of a digital environment. For us, it’s about using tools to get a better view or control of scope and scale."
Bill Price, Systems and Technology Director at Costain


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At Daisy, we connect technology solutions to resolve your business challenges. Daisy has been a Microsoft partner for over 20 years and have 14 out of the 18 Microsoft Gold competencies – providing devices, deployment, device management, Microsoft 365 licences, management options, and lifecycle services. Our customers place 100% trust in us to deliver reliable and secure tailored solutions that open new possibilities for organisational performance and flexibility.

Employees are demanding flexibility. Customer expectations are growing. Are you ready? No matter where you are in the world, you need to transform your workplace to keep pace. Keeping your technology devices and hardware secure and maintained is crucial to success.

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