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Speed, flexibility, and responsiveness are vital to any successful retail operation. Pop-up stores and concessions are increasingly used to test new markets and locations, and need swift, low-cost connectivity to get up and running. At the same time, dynamic data links are required between local stores, warehouses, and forward stocking locations.

Drawing on our partnerships with top global vendors, we can help you establish the connectivity (and flexible contract terms) to open new locations at short notice and run your operations with the speed, agility and accuracy that customers demand.


A complete range of connectivity solutions

  • Long Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity allows you to get new stores, sites or pop-ups connected quickly while a standard fixed-line solution is installed in the background. This greatly increases your flexibility to open retail outlets and move them around as demand requires.
  • SD-WAN connectivity gives greater visibility as to how your network is being used and allows you to prioritise certain applications at critical times.
  • “Wireless-first” solutions including robust WiFi allow you to deploy hand-held devices (e.g., to support picking and packing).
  • Local Area Networks provide robust connectivity between devices and stock management systems.

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Public, private and hybrid cloud solutions

Enjoy the ability to scale your infrastructure at particularly busy times of the year, while overlaying additional security and data protection protocols.

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Cyber security and operational resilience

Everything you need to keep your systems backed up, your customer data safe, and your infrastructure free from intrusion or attack.

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