Patient-centric healthcare: how mobile devices unlock the future [Blog]

Here’s why Microsoft Surface is right for healthcare as it goes through digital transformation.

COVID-19 has forced the UK healthcare sector to speed up its digital transformation process. While this journey is far from over, the ability of integrated, cloud-enabled tech to drive a truly patient-centric care model has never been more evident. Better still, by equipping staff with cutting-edge mobile devices (like the Microsoft Surface range), NHS Trusts can take things to the next level now.

An ageing population, a global pandemic and a healthcare system designed for earlier, easier times all point to one thing: UK healthcare must transform in order to deliver. For many trusts, a key goal is to move from acute models of care to a more patient-centric approach where conditions are not treated in isolation but diagnosed and treated in a more holistic, integrated way by multiple teams of experts across the system.1

Patient attitudes to technology are changing

Alongside the patient’s own needs and preferences, accessibility and efficiency are key to a patient-centric model. With a range of treatment methods brought to the fore by COVID-19, patient comfort levels are rising regards various types of healthcare technology, including wearable tech (72% say they’re fine with it), video consultations (68%), remote monitoring (68%) and telemedicine (69%).2

Nonetheless, where the choice exists, the preference still seems to be for traditional face-to-face care, with 64% of patients looking forward to in-person consultations in the future. To some extent, however, the reasons are different: not traditionalism, but a nervousness around privacy and monitoring when using digital tools.2

How the right mobile devices enhance patient-centric care

During the pandemic, the NHS has made great strides in terms of connectivity, not least with the rollout of Microsoft 365. Coupling this capability with portable, state-of-the-art end-user devices like the Microsoft Surface range can help you realise the full benefits of cloud technology – not just in terms of patient care, but also the experience and wellbeing of the NHS workforce (see our recent blog on employee-centric healthcare).

Practical, ultra-mobile and equipped with long-lasting batteries, Surface tablets and laptops boast multiple healthcare-specific accessories, as well as antimicrobial cases and wipes that facilitate sanitisation on the go.

When combined with their natural partner, the Microsoft 365 application suite, Surface devices come into their own. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, meanwhile, allows colleagues to access, manage and share health data in a dynamic but fully secure way.

Here are just some of the ways in which this enhances patient-centricity:

  • On-site clinicians can bring themselves up to speed rapidly with the needs and condition of each patient, accessing their electronic medical records via their Surface device
  • Treatment plans can be updated during or after the consultation for maximum efficiency and easy, secure sharing of data with colleagues
  • Surface devices are equipped with quality AV, HD cameras, far-field mics and premium speakers. These facilitate communication with specialists, helping to improve diagnosis and treatment decisions. They also make it easier to involve patients more closely in care decisions while cutting down the manual and paper-based admin
  • Surface devices also improve accessibility and flexibility for mobile clinicians – essential for patients in isolated or rural areas
  • The chance of errors, missed medicine doses and patient mix-ups are radically reduced
  • Surface offers a range of different device types and configurations for different roles and functions – from care teams and senior physicians to more static roles like pharmacists
  • Most importantly, security is built into every layer of the device, from firmware to operating system, making working from home safer than ever. Lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped

How could Microsoft Surface support patient-centric care in your facility? Explore the possibilities, and the full range, here.


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