What are the main challenges of enterprise mobility and how can you overcome them?

The ability to work on the move has transcended from being a mere convenience to a critical component of everyday business operations. Now, more than ever, enterprises require robust solutions to harness the full potential of mobile technology.

However, enterprise mobility is fraught with challenges. From the complexities of procuring and managing devices to identifying and managing security vulnerabilities and the need for seamless lifecycle management, businesses are in dire need of a streamlined approach. The coordination of device staging, procurement, and deployment adds another layer of complexity that demands an innovative solution.

The challenges of enterprise mobility

  • Complex device setup: Rolling out new mobile devices typically means your IT team is bogged down with unboxing, setting up SIMs, asset tagging, and installing protection and management applications. This process is not only time-consuming but can also lead to delayed deployment and increased support calls.
  • Future-proofing mobile operations: As your business grows, so does the need to ensure that your mobile fleet is not just up to the task today but is also scalable and adaptable to future requirements.
  • Management overload: Keeping track of mobile devices, ensuring they’re compliant with your company’s mobile policy, and managing their lifecycle from procurement to recycling can quickly become a logistical nightmare.

Imagine a world where your staff can focus on what they do best, without being hindered by mobile device issues. A world where your IT team is free from the mundane tasks of device setup and management. With Daisy Mobile+, this world is not just a possibility; it’s a promise!

Embrace the Future of Enterprise Mobility with Daisy Mobile+

Daisy Mobile+ stands as the beacon of innovation and not only addresses the myriad challenges faced by businesses today, but also introduces an ecosystem where device management, security, and lifecycle are harmoniously integrated. With features like managed migration, streamlined procurement, and comprehensive lifecycle management, Daisy Mobile+ is here to redefine enterprise mobility.

Overcoming mobility challenges with Daisy Mobile+

The top 5 mobility challenges and how Daisy Mobile+ solves them:

  1. Efficient device management
    • Challenge: the administrative burden of managing a fleet of mobile devices can be overwhelming.
    • Our solution: simplifies this task with its holistic device lifecycle management and inventory oversight, ensuring devices are efficiently procured, deployed, and managed.
  2. Security assurance and compliance
    • Challenge: in an era where data breaches are commonplace, securing mobile devices is paramount.
    • Our solution: businesses can deploy pre-configured security policies and remotely set up devices, ensuring compliance and security from the get-go.
  3. Reducing IT workload
    • Challenge: IT departments are often stretched thin, managing routine maintenance tasks alongside strategic IT initiatives.
    • Our solution: Our MyAccount portal manages routine billing and management tasks from IT teams, enabling them to focus on more strategic projects.
  4. Hassle-free onboarding
    • Challenge: The onboarding of new devices can often result in configuration errors and security oversights when not handled properly.
    • Our solution: With our managed migration and implementation service, we handle data cleansing and ensure a smooth transition. Your IT team doesn’t have to unpack a single box or install a single SIM card. Plus, devices are ready to use right from the first touch.
  5. Accurate inventory and connection management
    • Challenge: Manual inventory management can lead to inaccuracies, excessive spare device stock, and inefficient utilisation of resources.
    • Our solution: Forget about the overhead of managing an inventory of mobile assets. Our service includes maintaining an accurate inventory and ensuring efficient use of spare devices and numbers.

We go beyond simply providing coverage and tariffs. Daisy Mobile+ is a comprehensive solution that integrates the right devices, connectivity, and management tools with your business applications, ensuring compliance with your company’s mobile policy and strategy.

The Daisy Mobile+ Advantage

Daisy Mobile+ value proposition lies in its ability to manage mobility so you can focus on your business. Its modular service approach allows for a tailor-made solution that fits your unique needs. Furthermore, its cost-effective strategy, featuring a single cost-per-user and leveraging sparing devices and numbers, positions Daisy Mobile+ as an indispensable tool in your enterprise mobility arsenal.

With managed migration, streamlined device procurement, cutting-edge device staging, and robust mobile device management (MDM) services, Daisy Mobile+ transcends traditional mobility solutions. It not only addresses the immediate challenges but also sets the foundation for a future-proof enterprise mobility strategy.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Adapting to mobile trends is no longer optional; it’s critical for sustainable growth. Daisy Mobile+ ensures your business is not just keeping up but staying ahead in the rapid evolution of the mobile space. With Daisy Mobile+, the future of enterprise mobility is in your hands.

Enterprise mobility challenges demand a comprehensive and future-looking solution. Daisy Mobile+ rises to this challenge, offering a suite of services designed to transform your business’s approach to mobility. From efficient device management and security assurance to reducing IT workload and future-proofing your business, Daisy Mobile+ stands as an emblem of innovation in enterprise mobility.

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