How The Leadership Role is Changing in an Era of Remote Working – [Report]

Product Director Richard Beeston looks at effective two-way communication in the year of remote working.

The third instalment of a Raconteur Special Report on Remote Working, Daisy Corporate Services’ Product Director Richard Beeston explores the new challenges being generated for line managers as technology continues to change the way we work.

Whilst the plus side means that remote workers no longer have to waste time on a stressful commute and are in a better position to create a positive work-life balance to benefit themselves and their families, the downside is that without a geographical change in surroundings, many employees soon fall into the trap of being unable to switch off their mobile phones or ignore their emails – even at weekends and on holiday. This can lead to undue levels of stress and, ultimately, burnout.

With remote working now de rigeur in 2020, this special report looks at ways of effective communication that will help avoid worked feeling isolated and disconnected.

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