Hospitality Network of The Future [Infographic]

Hospitality Network of the Future [Infographic]

How to stay competitive in the hospitality sector with a future-proof network infrastructure.

The past two years has resulted in numerous revenue challenges in the hospitality industry. For this reason, it’s vital for the sector to adapt and find new, more innovative ways to revive and sustain their business.

Secure, reliable Internet and great guest WiFi are essential for hospitality venues such as pubs and restaurants to provide a fantastic experience to attract and retain customers. Guests expect a seamless experience – this should be available right from when they are making their bookings to when they are being provided with amenities.

At Daisy, we can help hospitality businesses transform the customer experience, increase staff productivity, and mitigate operational risks by combining our own cutting-edge technology with Cisco Meraki. We can provide wired and wireless connectivity for both guest and corporate networks which securely connects users and devices to applications and data hosted privately or in the public cloud.

Take a look at our infographic below to see how you can get ahead with a future-proof IT infrastructure from Daisy.



Daisy can also offer consultation packages to assess your current network design and security vulnerabilities and make recommendations on a modernisation strategy for your organisation. To find out more, call our experts on 0344 863 3000.


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