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A soaring regulatory burden consumes more and more time and resources, while customers expect an increasingly efficient, personalised service powered by the latest technology. Against this backdrop, cost and capital pressures continue to mount.Our clients in these sectors trust us to help them harness technology in a flexible, integrated way to deal with all these issues, while leveraging the transformative power of cloud hosting and Unified Communications. Whether you’re looking to increase billable time, attract and retain top talent, deliver a game-changing service or meet the demands of new regulation, Daisy creates a bespoke technology roadmap that’s fully in tune with your future vision.

Your revenue

Does your firm work in a way that maximises billable time? By optimising day-to-day operations and the accessibility of vital data, the right technology can help you revolutionise overall efficiency, streamlining costs and freeing your people up for the value-added work clients pay for.

In a complex, specialist field like accountancy or law, seamless collaboration is vital both within your team and in your dealings with clients. Unified Communications help you to take this to a new level with powerful collaboration tools like Microsoft 365, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. These empower your people to work together across all your locations using voice, video meetings, instant messaging and more. Meanwhile, SIP Trunking and Intelligent Call Routing ensure your network transport is at its most efficient.The result? Tasks are completed more quickly, costs are streamlined and unproductive downtime like travel becomes unnecessary.

Using machine learning models to identify trends, highlight anomalies and predict future outcomes, you can reap maximum value from your data to ensure you maintain your competitive advantage and drive growth.

A scalable cloud environment allows you to flex your server capacity whenever required, to meet new business opportunities or periods of increased demand. From billing to HR, your software and storage can be moved to the cloud for a low-capex, low-hardware, low-maintenance IT environment where evergreen productivity tools like Microsoft 365 flourish across all devices, optimising workflows, productivity and costs.

Daisy CloudBridge allows you to migrate to the cloud in a controlled, cost-effective way, with a reliable hybrid solution that bridges the gap between private, shared and public cloud, enabling the deployment of transformative technology. The result? Optimised workloads, clarity on costs and an increased power to compete.

Your people

More than 80% of UK law firms and over 40% of accountancy firms believe a skills gap is impacting customer service.

When it comes to recruiting and retaining the talent you need, good remuneration is only part of the answer. To be a truly rewarding employer, empower your people with the tools they need to collaborate, develop and visibly delight your clients, while maximising opportunities for flexible working.

Give talented employees a truly flexible working environment and they’ll flourish in ways you – and they – only dreamed of. Welcome to another big benefit of cloud-based Unified Communications.From voice, video and chat tools that allow them to connect and collaborate from anywhere, to AI-driven process automation and seamless document sharing that frees them up for more rewarding, customer-focused work, you’ll ensure your teams feel both effective and inspired – and unlikely to shop elsewhere. It also facilitates powerful, web-based training to large groups remotely, helping to boost staff learning and morale while minimising travel costs and unproductive downtime.

With Daisy VCC (voice, collaborate, connect) enable a single user experience through iintegrated corporate voice, collaboration services and devices – all securely managed.

Giving people the power to work remotely can improve their job satisfaction while creating more options for your business. Whether you’re looking for a fully equipped “Mobility-as-a-Service” solution or a “Bring Your Own Device” strategy that lets colleagues connect their personal phone or tablet securely to your critical files and systems, we’ll help you manage access to critical client information and put in place the robust mobile strategy your business needs.

With Daisy WorkPlace turn every employee smartphone into a full-service, fully portable extension of your office IT environment. Cue a whole new level of business mobility and agility.

Your customers

The world’s most dynamic brands offer 24/7 availability and generous self-service options as standard. Unsurprisingly, your clients expect you to match the pace. Daisy technology helps you meet these evolving demands to transformative effect and with no upheaval or disruption.

Today’s clients expect instant, round-the-clock access to relevant information. The more they can conveniently and confidently self-serve, the happier they’ll be. This also frees up your people to add value in more meaningful ways, while reaching out to prospective new clients.Cloud hosting from Daisy offers a secure, reliable and compliant way of sharing vital information, ensuring availability and using data effectively to improve how you work . Better still, swapping out your filing cabinets for cloud storage can revolutionise general efficiency and drive down costs.

Cloud-based IT also allows you to meet changing bandwidth requirements in an agile, dynamic and cost-effective way, especially during busy periods. Simply scale up your cloud capacity to deliver on high client service, knowing you have the flexibility to scale down when ready.

Deliver a multichannel contact experience that enables clients to communicate with you in any way they choose, and via any device, with phone, email, web chat and more on the same cloud-based platform. This is enhanced by intelligent call management features that connect them seamlessly to the people, services and information they seek. Meanwhile, collaboration tools like Teams bring your customers and people together remotely but with total immediacy.

The result? An ultra-personalised service that sets you apart from the rest, optimised by inbuilt analytics and AI. On a network level, flexible Daisy technologies like SD-WAN put application performance front and centre, giving your people the freedom to work anywhere while always feeling connected to their clients.

Compliance and security

Nine out of ten accountancy firms and more than 82 percent of law practices see data security as a major concern. No wonder, when every database is a mine of sensitive client information and any breach could mean the loss of revenue, custom and reputation.

A bespoke, integrated solution from Daisy keeps your infrastructure safe, compliant, and fully recoverable in the event of the worst.

From simple business broadband to managed services incorporating MPLS and SD-WAN, we provide a tailored, business-grade, “always-on” connection, with performance and price levels to suit your needs. Use fast onsite WiFi to improve connectivity for employees and visiting clients, with secure managed access and content filtering. Cutting-edge SD-WAN technology, meanwhile, offers control, visibility and greater network agility across all your Internet connections.
With secure, consistent computer hardware installed, you’re well placed in the event of an audit and able to deploy new security software centrally and swiftly, along with a range of competitively priced devices. Our specialists can take the complexity out of licensing issues, while helping you recycle legacy equipment in a cost-effective and compliant way.

Using leading-edge tools, our experts help you assess the threats and vulnerabilities that specifically affect your business, while building a layered security strategy to meet your needs.

From market-leading embedded DDoS Protection to anti-phishing, antivirus, web filtering, firewalls, ongoing monitoring and more, we partner with the world’s biggest names in network and cyber security to keep your business your customers safe.

According to estimates, a single hour of total downtime can cost an accountancy firm £20,000. Any unforeseen event such as a network outage or a natural disaster, can affect your firm at any time. Our Availability Services ensure your systems, data and physical operations are backed up and recoverable so you’re there for your customers come what may, from system outages to natural disasters. Alongside Backup, Safe Haven workplace recovery and other tools, FlexConnect network virtualisation helps you manage connectivity so losses to critical systems are minimised.

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