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Maximise your people’s availability to clients (wherever they are)

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The rise in low-cost “DIY” legal services has only sharpened the expectation among clients of more traditional law firms that the professionals whose services they pay for will be readily available and accessible.

Just as importantly, four out of five customers now consider the ability to work with their lawyer remotely as being key to their choice of firm, while three out of five want the option to have video calls.


Secure, encrypted and data-compliant video consultations

Enable your clients to have face-to-face chats with their chosen legal professional on a fully-secure connection, accessible via their web browser and available with end-to-end encryption.

To provide this, we harness our deep expertise in network connectivity (WAN or SD-WAN) and best-in-class, cloud-hosted Unified Communications and applications like Teams Meeting Rooms – ensuring compliance with key regulation, including PCI and MiFID II.

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