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Imagine rolling out new mobile devices to your staff, without your IT team having to unpack a single box or install a single SIM, never mind asset tagging or adding screen protection, applications and mobile device management. And better still, imagine your staff being able to use their new phones from the first touch, with no influx of support calls and issues flooding into your service desk. That’s exactly what you get with our Mobile Configure & Deliver service.

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Mobile Configure & Deliver Service Summary:

Configuration Action Standard
Unpack/re-pack of the device
Installation of a SIM card into the device ;
Power on and DOA check ;
Inventory data capture
Device Enrollment Program enablement
Inclusion of customer documentation
Labelling device boxes with details
Apply customer branded asset tags  
Application of a screen protector  
Delivery of phone case into the device box  
Operational battery charge  
Set up screens and settings bypass  
Test device connection to the internet    
Initial setup of device – customise settings    
Manually install MDM agent on device    
Install applications (maximum of 3 apps)    
Special packaging and labelling    

For more information download our Guide to Configuration Options here

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Why Daisy Mobile Configure & Deliver?

Managed for you

Utilise Daisy’s experienced configuration team and save on a substantial outlay in time and resources that a large in-house deployment would require

Minimise risk

with extensive experience and structured processes, Daisy deployments reduce risk and ensure a smooth roll-out to minimise any disruption to business-as-usual that can come with new technology

Mobile device management

The Daisy option to enrol MDM on deployment can enforce company security policies such as login passwords, or enable the capability to wipe the device if it’s lost or stolen, protecting data from the outset

Performance ready

The Daisy service adds immediate value by arriving ‘ready’ for staff to use, with no set up required

Protect your investment

Installing screen protectors, asset tagging devices, recording details for inventory and ensuring staff have important information delivered with their devices, all help to protect your investment