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Daisy has extensive experience within the sector, helping clients harness technology in a joined-up, cost-effective way that’s fully in tune with their vision and strategy. From cloud deployment and mobile solutions to powerful unified communications tools that transform your employees’ collaboration, we bring everything together in a bespoke tech roadmap that sets you apart from competitors.

Your productivity

Right now, productivity in the construction sector is below the UK average, and UK firms tend to be less competitive on price and delivery than their continental counterparts.

Daisy makes sure that doesn’t apply to you, by ensuring you have the right technology basics in place and introducing smarter applications where needed to transform productivity across the supply chain. We’ll also help you explore emerging technologies and identify those that fit your needs, so you’re always the best you can be.

Optimum productivity can’t exist without a smooth, real-time flow of relevant information to those who need it. A unified communications strategy allows employees from across your business to share documents and collaborate efficiently via any device, using a range of tools including Microsoft 365, video conferencing and Microsoft Teams. Cue fewer scheduling delays, clearer communication and reduced travel costs.Unified Communications include mobile apps like Microsoft MiCollab, which enables enhanced on-boarding and supervision of contract staff. Meanwhile SIP Trunking and Intelligent Call Routing help to make your network transport more efficient.

A smooth, timely start can set the tone for an entire construction project. Our remote access technology provides dynamic, reliable IT and connectivity right from day one, reducing your infrastructure costs and avoiding countless planning headaches. Daisy Quick-Start is our complete, tailor-made service, offering instant 4G coverage, next-generation data security and optional hardware provision from PCs and tablets to phones, printers, routers and beyond.

On a network level, flexible Daisy technologies like SD-WAN put application performance front and centre, giving your people the freedom to work anywhere while always feeling connected.

With a scalable, elastic cloud-hosted infrastructure, your business just works better. Processes are optimised and IT costs lowered, new technology can be deployed at speed and information flows smoothly and securely through an integrated, high-performance core network. Cloud hosting also makes a natural home for evergreen productivity platforms like Microsoft 365.

Meanwhile, Daisy CloudBridge can help you optimise your infrastructure with a tailored combination of private and public cloud, effectively bridging the gap with any legacy technology. SD-WAN technology offers maximum flexibility in controlling your network across multiple sites.

Your people

Attracting and retaining able, skilled employees is a constant challenge for today’s firms. A great remuneration package is only half the story – firms that offer a more modern, motivating and fulfilling way of working are far more likely to have their pick of the crop.

With collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, your people can communicate freely in real-time across all locations and on any device, resulting in faster decision-making, higher productivity and reduced costs. From voice and video meetings to secure document sharing and easy access to colleague support while on site, your people have the tools they need to be – and feel – more effective. Cloud-hosted apps can also drive e-learning and enable the smooth induction of contract workers.

With clients in multiple locations and the need to collaborate across all parts of a construction site, your firm needs a mobile solution that truly empowers employees.

Our approach equips them with tools that make a difference, from instant messaging to video and web conferencing, plus secure network access from any location or device. With our mobile device management (MDM) package, your phones and tablet are backed up remotely to protect against on-site loss or damage, while our bring-your-own-device options allow staff to access your networks securely via their own smartphone.

Ensuring each person has the right device with the right apps and permissions can be complicated. That’s why our Configure and Deliver process lets you set deployment options beforehand and leaves us to roll everything out.

In a cloud-hosted IT environment, “go-slow” systems are gradually stripped out, improving efficiencies and replacing common frustrations with a sense of “flow” and achievement. A more stable, flexible IT base allows your IT team to focus on enhancing your wider systems and processes, rather than merely “keeping the lights on”.

Daisy CloudBridge lets you build an infrastructure that’s minutely tailored to your business: critical workloads can be housed on dedicated hardware for maximum performance, while more standard workloads reside on shared resources. Best of all, it’s all easily adjustable as your needs change.

Keeping a competitive edge

Construction is one of the UK’s least digitised sectors, with huge benefits to be gained from cloud hosting, agile connectivity and mobile collaboration. Firms that seize the initiative now can gain a distinct advantage over competitors, plus built-in agility to help them stay ahead for the long term.

Out-of-date, hardware-heavy IT infrastructure can’t support the needs of modern networks or the expectations of your customers. We help you transition to a high-performance cloud environment that makes the most of your legacy equipment while stripping out inefficiencies and optimising your value chain and supplier network.With a scalable, elastic cloud environment, you can house key systems like finance, project management and back office in the cloud, while having more computing resource available to seize new opportunities and deploy new technology when needed.

If legacy systems pose a problem, Daisy CloudBridge enables a smooth, flexible transition by combining public cloud services in a fully managed “hybrid” environment. You’ll also be able to roll out new technology at speed, turbo-charging your overall efficiency and reducing costs.

Our approach creates a network that expands and upgrades constantly as your needs change. Enhancements like SD-WAN allow you to monitor usage across different parts of your network, adjusting it where necessary to support business-critical apps and optimise usage costs.

At the same time, cloud connectivity from Daisy allows you to source vital software more reliably and efficiently from cloud-based providers (Software-as-a-Service), while our robust, reliable Internet solutions combine speed, quality and security to keep your business running smoothly.

A unified communications strategy that combines voice, video, chat and more allows your people and customers to connect and collaborate from anywhere, maximising mobility and creating a truly agile workflow that enables all functions within your business to understand each other and work well together. This can be overlaid with AI-driven process automation and seamless document sharing to greatly reduce unproductive downtime.

Thanks to the resulting clarity, your people are better placed to identify and implement potential improvements, including cost efficiencies. It also enables the use of transformative workforce management and scheduling apps.

Keeping your business safe

Keep your revenue streams and brand reputation intact come what may, with Daisy’s robust, cutting-edge and cost-effective system security and availability services. Our experts can help you assess your individual risk landscape and keep you resilient and recoverable should the unexpected occur – from system or hardware failures to cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

We offer a formidable range of integrated cyber security options. Our best-of-breed DDoS Protection Service (DDP) is embedded in our core network to protect your applications and internet connections from highly dangerous DDoS attacks.With multiple construction projects running simultaneously, you need protection around the clock. We provide a range of advanced intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), firewall, network access/control and all-round security solutions to defend you against data theft, ransomware and other malicious activity. All solutions are seamlessly embedded and continually upgraded as soon as upgrades are released.

With Daisy’s “Always-on” service and Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), all critical data belonging to you and your customers is replicated and stored in a recovery-ready state to minimize the impact of data loss, site loss, service outage, user error, app corruption or malicious attacks.

Our best-in-class Backupservice ensures all critical data is ready when needed for a one-click re-start, while Safe Haven provides a secure alternative location if your physical premises are compromised. If your network footprint is large and sophisticated, our FlexConnect tool enables you to reconfigure connectivity and minimise the impact of an outage in one area.

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