Manage or migrate your legacy technology

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Out-of-date, hardware-intensive IT infrastructure is common in today’s construction sector, and can hold firms back if not managed effectively.

Daisy’s team can help you transition to a cost-effective, high-performance environment that meets the demands of a changing industry and the expectations of your IT users. Just as importantly, cloud and hybrid technologies allow us to make the most of your legacy equipment (and existing supplier relationships) while stripping out inefficiencies.


Unified Communications

Our consultants can help you audit your on-premises telephony estate and determine the best way forward (this is especially important given the imminent switch-off of the UK’s PSTN phone system). We the design and deploy a solution that fits your business, drawing on a range of technologies such as SIP, SOGEA, cloud-hosted unified communications and more.

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Cloud and connectivity

A flexible, scalable cloud environment can house key systems and workloads like finance, while making further computing capacity available “on tap”. As well as being cost-effective, this allows you to roll out new technologies and site locations with ease. If legacy technology needs to be accommodated, Daisy can combine public cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure) and on-premises infrastructure in a bespoke, managed hybrid cloud environment.

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Consultancy and planning

As a trusted partner to UK businesses of every size and type, we can work with you to plan the long-term development of your technology estate. This integrated process includes our professional services and managed services teams, operational departments and more, to consider what new technologies, such as “digital frontline”) might be added to streamline costs and improve efficiency of workers and the “Internet of Things” for smart buildings.

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