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According to reports, 39% of UK construction companies experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months.1

That’s hardly a surprise, given the increasing complexity of networks, the soaring number of endpoints, and a connected workforce operating across multiple far-flung locations. The result is an ever-growing threat surface and an urgent need to keep up with the changing tactics of cyber-attackers.

Our security specialists can assess your individual risk landscape and implement robust, cutting-edge security, reducing the pressure on your in-house team.

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Integrated, next-generation cyber security

Our end-to-end solutions include embedded, best-of-breed DDoS protection and can help in a wide variety of ways, by proactively monitoring your environment, identifying vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, protecting against breaches across networks, endpoints, clouds, end users and beyond, and training your staff to reduce the risk of breaches (e.g. through phishing attacks)

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Operational resilience

Daisy provides a full range of solutions to ensure your systems and facilities are up and running as soon as possible if they’re hit by a natural disaster, cyber breach or other cause. Your tailored service can include immutable backup storage, backup and replication, business-continuity-as-a-service and our Shadow Planner service.

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Managed security services

You can also opt to outsource your cyber-security entirely to Daisy (through our Security Operations Centre), freeing up your in-house team to focus on projects that deliver citizen value.

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