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Amid falling margins and soaring fulfilment costs, maximising ROI is of vital importance to most construction businesses, as is the consolidation of IT operations to drive efficiencies.

Our team works closely with your business and IT leaders to ensure you have the right technology basics in place to optimise efficiencies, while enabling smarter ways of working to transform productivity and cost management.


Daisy Modern Workplace

Let Daisy design a flexible, end-to-end system of working that fits your people’s needs as well as the demands of your industry. We can handle everything from the deployment of productivity tools (such as Microsoft 365) to the recycle and reuse of endpoint hardware to prolong the life of your equipment. Endpoint flexible leasing, meanwhile, lets you adjust for periods of peak requirement and flex back as necessary.

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Cloud strategy and deployment

Cloud services, which flex as your computing requirements change, can be a cost-effective, energy-efficient way of managing your systems, while helping you move away from cumbersome legacy equipment. Daisy’s team can work with you to assess your needs, devise an appropriate mix of on-premises infrastructure, public and private cloud and help you migrate at a pace that suits you.

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Data analytics and IoT

Data analytics, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), allow you to monitor key metrics (such as footfall, vehicle mileage, air and water quality), in turn helping you to optimise efficiencies, increase automation and reduce costs. Daisy can provide the advanced connectivity (such as SD-WAN) that enables your devices, sensors and other intelligent systems to work together seamlessly.

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Managed Services

We can ensure your day-to-day IT operations run smoothly at a cost that’s manageable and predictable – enabling you to deliver excellent service while reducing the need for in-house headcount. Choose to outsource selected parts of your IT estate (such as end-user support) or opt for one of our comprehensive managed services.

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