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All of our finance sector customers use Daisy technology in their own way. Whether you want to lead the way in customer service or offer an employee experience that attracts (and retains) the very best, our solutions can be applied and integrated in a way that realises your vision. They can also help you turn vital if humdrum tasks into points of differentiation – from data security to transparency.

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Your customers

Most finance businesses agree: customer expectations just keep on rising. Meeting these expectations is a generally core priority, and Daisy technology can help you do it.
Today’s finance customers expect instant, round-the-clock access to relevant information, be it their account balance, a portfolio report or the progress of a claim. The more they can conveniently and confidently self-serve, the happier they’ll be. This also frees up your people to add value in more meaningful ways. But if your systems are outdated, you’ll struggle to deliver.Remote hosting from Daisy offers a secure, reliable and compliant way of sharing vital information. It also enables you to integrate and optimise your systems for maximum productivity, while deploying new tech applications quickly. Plus when you’re entering a busy period, simply scale up your cloud capacity to deliver, knowing you also have the flexibility to scale down when ready. Our CloudBridge offering is a single solution for hybrid cloud, combining elements of public, private, shared and on-premise infrastructure.

Harness the power of Unified Communications – a must for any financial provider who’s serious about customer service.

Provide a multichannel contact experience that lets customers communicate with you however they choose, with phone, email, web chat and more – all on the same cloud-based platform. Seamlessly include video conferencing to bring customers and their advisers together with total immediacy. The result? An ultra-personalised service that sets you apart from the rest, optimised by inbuilt analytics and AI.

Equipping your people with access to collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, allows staff to communicate freely in real-time across all functions of the business and on any device, resulting in faster and more effective decision making. Solutions like SIP Trunking and intelligent call routing will also help enable the use of more efficient network transport and reduce costs.

Equip your customer-facing staff with tablets and smartphones that give instant access to customer data from your CRM system – cue personalised greetings and offers, up-to-date information to help answer customer queries and real-time access customer data. Deploy a flexible and agile network using Daisy WAN technologies, such as SD-WAN, with application performance at the forefront (Meraki, MPLS). Giving your people the freedom to work anywhere, any location. Whilst always feeling connected.

Your people

Good remuneration is only part of the answer. To be a truly rewarding employer, empower your people with the tools they need to collaborate, develop and visibly delight your high-value customers.

Give talented employees a truly flexible working environment and they’ll flourish in ways you – and they – only dreamed of. Welcome to another big benefit of Unified Communications.Using Microsoft Teams, via Microsoft 365, and other powerful apps to harness voice, video and chat tools that allow them to connect and collaborate from anywhere, to AI-driven process automation that frees them up for more rewarding, customer-focused work, you’ll ensure your teams feel both effective and inspired – and unlikely to look elsewhere.

UC also allows you to deliver powerful, video-based training to large groups remotely, helping to boost staff learning and morale, plus minimising travel costs and unproductive downtime.

Giving people the power to work remotely can improve their job satisfaction while creating more options for your business. Whether you’re looking for a fully equipped “Mobility-as-a-Service” solution or a “Bring Your Own Device” strategy that lets colleagues connect their personal phone or tablet securely to your critical files and systems, we’ll help you harness the full power of your chosen communications infrastructure, up to and including full Unified Communications.

Productivity and Agility

We can help you build a robust, scalable tech foundation to meet your current and future productivity goals (and your budget), with a clear roadmap for further transformation over time.

The key to seamless productivity? Having all your files and data securely backed up and available to any authorised person across any permitted device and location. An optimised cloud strategy allows you to do precisely that, while deploying dynamic applications like Office365 and Teams to boost efficiency.Daisy’s cloud strategy is one of the most versatile and adaptable out there. We’ll help you create a secure, high-performance core network driven by a bespoke mix of data centres, private cloud and public cloud, all enhanced with Software-Defined WAN technology.

The result? You can manage network traffic and consumption in line with the changing needs of your business, scaling up or down to meet new opportunities while optimising the user experience. Alternatively, opt for a managed service and have us handle it for you.

Equip your people with real-time integrated tools collaboration tools and business applications via Microsoft 365, Teams and Sharepoint – enabling messaging, file sharing, video/web conferencing and live chat. This delivers a workforce that is hyper-productive, saving hours each week, you’ll reduce travel time, speed your decision-making and maximise billable hours. You’ll also have access to more efficient network transport like SIP Trunking and Intelligent Call Routing.

Meanwhile our Wisdom document management platform allows you to collaborate on documents remotely in complete compliance with GDPR.

Security and Resilience

Choose Daisy as your technology partner and you’ll have support from the world’s leading names in data security, including Palo Alto, Cisco and Aruba. From firewalls and web filtering to anti-virus software and beyond, we blend the best technologies in a way that works for your business, all seamlessly embedded and continually updated as soon as upgrades are released.Embedded in our core network, our best-of-breed DDoS Protection Service (DDP) platform protects your Internet connections and online customer portals and applications against highly-dangerous DDoS attacks 24x7x365.

If you’ve put in place an integrated, cloud-hosted network, security upgrades can be deployed centrally and instantaneously, making your defences even stronger.

If a natural disaster or other unforeseen event compromises your facilities, you need to be sure that your data, systems and productivity levels are easily recoverable.

Our experts can help you understand the threat landscape for your business and identify the level of protection needed for your data and your people. We offer rich a mix of cloud and virtual solutions for all types of threat.

Using our Always-On service/DRaaS solution, both yours and your customers’ critical data can be replicated and held in an uncompromised, recovery-ready state to minimise the impact of data loss, site loss, service outage, user errors, app corruption and malicious attacks.

Our best-in-class Backupservice ensures all critical data is replicated off-site, ready for a one-click re-start, while Safe Haven provides a secure alternative location if your physical premises are compromised. If your network footprint is large and sophisticated, our FlexConnect tool allows you to reconfigure connectivity and minimise the impact of an outage in one area.

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