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Stringent industry regulation affects all parts of your day-to-day activity, from the storage and backing up of data to the logging of email, voice and even instant messages. The pressure on customer-facing staff is considerable, but so is the need to protect your customers, respect data sovereignty and avoid the financial penalties that result from non-compliance.

All Daisy’s solutions are designed to comply with the most up-to-date industry regulation, with automatic updates to ensure compliance over the long term.


Secure cloud platforms

We can provide a bespoke mix of public or private cloud solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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Fully-compliant Unified Communications (UC)

Our UC solutions are fully-compliant with PCI and MiFID 2, which requires firms to capture all communications that relate to customer transactions – including email, voice calls, social media and in-person meetings. As a result, your teams are free to collaborate and serve customers with total peace of mind.

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Cyber Security and resilience

Our security consultants can assess where you currently are and recommend improvements to your security posture. Our Cyber Essentials certified team can then design and deploy the solutions you need to achieve, and maintain, compliance. This includes: Virtual Security Manager, Backup and Replication, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery.

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Secure device management

Ensure each user device is effectively managed and controlled to ensure security throughout its lifecycle, from issue to return.

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Fully-managed services

Choose to implement our solutions on a fully-managed basis and trust the Daisy team to ensure all aspects of compliance are taken into account.

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Expert, compliance-orientated technology design

Our team can help you identify up-front the particular challenges your business faces with regard to regulation, and design solutions that facilitate compliance.

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