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Many financial workplaces are hybrids of old and new technologies, all of which need to be secure, compliant, and operationally resilient. While current users need to be kept happy, modern, up-to-date tools and systems can be key to attracting and retaining new staff, while promoting the flexibility today’s workforces expect.

Our solutions can help you bridge the gap between old and new, maximise security and regulatory compliance, and meet the needs of a diverse group of end users.


Daisy Modern Workplace

We provide a tailored set of solutions and devices that allow your people to enjoy seamless, secure, always-on hybrid working, and the sense of empowerment and productivity that brings. We can also support Bring-Your-Own-Device and Choose-Your-Own-Device policies.

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Unified Communications (UC)

Enable your teams to meet, chat, collaborate, and engage with customers via multiple channels, harnessing the power of the cloud and a range of mobile devices to work from anywhere.

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Cloud-powered remote desktop

Can be tailored to your users’ diverse needs through a choice of Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix, and Windows Remote Desktop services.

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Seamless, secure connectivity

Solutions include Broadband and 4G and 5G, SD-WAN Teleworker, LAN, WiFi and more, supported by robust network security protocols.

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User Service Desk and Managed Services

Our End User Service Desk can be tailored to meet your specific needs and service levels and includes options for dedicated, syndicated and hybrid delivery models – to rapidly assess, manage and resolve IT incidents and service requests. Leave the Daisy team to handle the day-to-day technical requirements of your employees, so your IT team can focus on customer service.

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