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Daisy can help you harness that technology in ways that serve your vision and the specific challenges you face. Whether you want game-changing customer service, greater supply chain efficiency or the ability to attract and retain top talent, a bespoke tech roadmap from Daisy helps you integrate the right solutions in a joined-up, cost-effective and disruption-free way. It also allows you to bridge the gap between old and new technology while exploring the latest mobile and cloud applications to a potentially transformative effect.

Your operations

Fewer than one in three logistics firms consider their use of technology “advanced”. This creates a substantial opportunity for anyone looking to steal a march on the market. There are three main ways we can help you transform efficiency, reduce complexity and streamline costs.

With a scalable, elastic cloud environment like Microsoft Azure, your inventory, finance and other key systems are housed in a single, integrated space, giving you the flexibility and capacity to exploit new opportunities quickly. You’ll also be able to deploy new technology at speed, turbo-charging your overall efficiency and reducing costs.As well as providing data in real time, cloud-integrated logistics make that data accessible to your team regardless of location or time. And with secure, efficient document management solutions like Daisy Wisdom, swapping your hard drives and cabinets for cloud storage becomes a game changer.

If legacy systems pose a problem, Daisy CloudBridge enables a smooth, flexible transition by combining public cloud services in a fully-managed “hybrid” environment.

Bring your frontline, warehouse and back-office teams closer together, irrespective of their location, with real-time collaboration tools like Microsoft 365, Skype, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Unified Communications can transform your productivity in countless ways, allowing you to coordinate routes and schedules while anticipating issues that can threaten SLAs, such as obstacles at ports or on the road. It also reduces pressure on your IT resource and budget, thereby increasing your business options.

With a customised end-to-end mobile strategy that maximises the functionality of tools like Microsoft 365, your teams benefit from centrally-delivered apps and devices that allow them to excel under any conditions. Communication with customers and colleagues becomes effortless, while real-time order tracking is made simpler and more effective.

As a Daisy customer, you enjoy the flexibility to choose between a managed mobile service or a secure “bring-your-own-device” approach.

Your customers

Few industries are as complex, competitive and developed as transport and logistics.

The advent of new technology has boosted customer expectations while putting downward pressure on costs. With Daisy, your tech environment will be able to meet whatever new demands arise, vastly improving customer loyalty.

By creating a truly connected workforce, you can improve your people’s productivity and ability to deliver for customers, while reducing costs in a range of areas. Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams allow staff to communicate freely across all business functions and on any device, leading to faster, more effective decision-making. Meanwhile, solutions like SIP Trunking and Intelligent Call Routing help to make your service smoother and more responsive.Unified communications also allow you to deliver a multichannel contact experience: let customers communicate with you however they choose, be it by phone, email, webchat or social media. Enhance that service further with advanced call management functions while using AI and data analytics to fine-tune every interaction.

Equip your customer-facing staff with tablets and smartphones that give instant access to customer data from your CRM system – cue personalised greetings and offers, up-to-date information to help answer queries and real-time access to inventory levels.

On a network level, flexible Daisy technologies like SD-WAN put application performance front and centre, giving your people the freedom to work anywhere while always feeling connected.

Cloud-based IT allows you to meet changing bandwidth requirements in an agile, dynamic and cost-effective way. If you’re entering a busy period, simply scale up your cloud capacity to deliver on customer orders, knowing you have the flexibility to scale down when ready.

Depending on your requirements, Daisy CloudBridge can provide a single, agile “hybrid cloud” solution, combining elements of public, private, shared and on-premise infrastructure to enable the deployment of transformative technology. The result? Optimised workloads and costs along with increased power to compete.

Your people

Three out of four logistics firms cite skills shortages as a major issue, while seven in ten are struggling to recruit the people they need. As the profile of your workforce changes, Daisy can help you create a rewarding work environment that attracts and retains the very best.

A UC platform frees your people to connect, collaborate and excel from any location using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 and other powerful apps. Decision-making is quicker, great ideas are shared more easily and employees are better equipped to delight customers. UC also allows you to deliver powerful, video-based training to large groups remotely, helping to boost staff learning and morale while minimising travel costs and unproductive downtime.

With Daisy Monitoring, you can monitor and control the conditions that affect productivity, well-being and safety of your workforce or contractors, while meeting the requirements of employment legislation.

Giving your teams “anywhere” access to vital applications will vastly improve their user experience. You can do this with a flexible, agile network solution powered by Daisy technologies such as SD-WAN, which places app performance front and centre. This empowers your people to work anywhere while always feeling connected.

Technology platforms from our partners Microsoft and Mitel come with inbuilt artificial intelligence (AI), allowing you to optimise business processes and automate certain functions or transactions. This can radically increase capacity while freeing employees to focus on higher-value tasks and projects.

Security and resilience

Transport and logistics are round-the-clock industries. Any interruption to your activity could mean loss of revenue, customers and reputation. Our customers trust us to protect their systems from cyberattacks and other factors that could compromise their business.

We offer a formidable range of integrated cybersecurity options. Our best-of-breed DDoS Protection Service (DDP) is embedded in our core network to protect your applications, Internet connections and e-commerce sites from highly dangerous DDoS attacks.As a business that’s always on the move, you need protection around the clock. We provide a range of advanced intrusion detection and protection systems (IDS/IPS), firewall, network access/control and all-round security solutions to defend you against data theft, ransomware and other malicious activity. All solutions are seamlessly embedded and continually upgraded as soon as upgrades are released.

With Daisy’s “Always-on” Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), all critical data belonging to you and your customers is replicated and stored in a recovery-ready state to minimise the impact of data loss or corruption, site loss, service outage, user error or malicious attacks.

Our best-in-class Backupservice ensures all critical data is backed up securely and ready when you need it, while Safe Haven provides a secure alternative location if your physical premises are compromised.

Whether your networking infrastructure is small and simple or large and complex, our FlexConnect service enables you to reconfigure connectivity and minimise the impact of a network outage.

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