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Many logistics firms are struggling with staff shortages, from drivers to warehouse staff, that affect their day-to-day operations – this is driving more of a requirement for automation. Daisy’s expert team can help you harness data technology to optimise warehouse processes and deploy your vehicles more efficiently.


Cloud storage and analytics

The strategic use of public cloud can provide cost-effective, high-volume data storage coupled with comprehensive data processing and analytics, that can also be tailored to an organisation.

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Smart connectivity for vehicle tracking

Daisy can help you harness the power of 4G and 5G networks and multi-network SIMs to allow you to enable real-time, on-board vehicle tracking.

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Data science applications

By deploying smart sensor technology throughout your installations, you can accumulate vital data on current staff behaviours and usage patterns. This data can be aggregated, interrogated and modelled to offer actionable insights that optimise staff deployment and the management of your vehicle fleet (routing, loading, fuel use, carbon emissions etc.).

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