Improve data analytics and availability

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Using your data more effectively can transform multiple areas of your business – from your customers’ experience to operational efficiency, supply chain transparency, inventory visibility, load optimisation, and environmental impact.

Your business may have access to more data than you realise. Daisy can help you understand, aggregate and extract maximum value from the information spread around your business, using advanced analysis and data science to turn fragmented metrics into insights you can use, often with a swift ROI.


Making your data available and usable

Data has become a business’s most valuable asset. Our teams can help you assess, collect and harmonise data from various systems into a single set you can use to make decisions. That begins with helping you prioritise the insights you need and creating a strategy to deliver them, which in turn reveals new possibilities.

Harnessing smart sensors, connectivity and the IoT

Through embedded sensors and 4G/5G and multi-network SIMs, we can collect data from vehicles, storage facilities and more, expanding your reserve of actionable knowledge.

Data modelling enables you to understand and optimise a range of functions:

  • Vehicle tracking, driver behaviour and fleet management
  • Usage patterns and behaviour for key facilities and equipment
  • Environmental conditions across your installations
  • Customer ordering patterns (for better route planning)

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