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Considered one of the most disruptive network technologies in the market today, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is fast becoming the network infrastructure of choice for all kinds of organisations.

As its name suggests, SD-WAN relies on software to control connectivity and traffic on a network, including between users, data centres, branch offices and cloud services. Its popularity can be credited to key characteristics including:

  • Support for multiple connectivity options
  • Intelligently determining the best path for any application to optimise performance and load sharing
  • Management of an entire network from one simple interface with zero-touch provisioning at branch level
  • Supports secure VPNs and third-party services like firewalls and Internet gateways

These features are helping businesses across the UK overcome the host of issues that are typical of traditional “hub and spoke” WAN infrastructures. You could say, in some environments, SD-WAN is not only saving on time and cost but perhaps quite literally saving lives…

Our SD-WAN comic series explores the defining characteristics of SD-WAN in different use cases from traditional office environments, to critical care health organisations and hectic construction sites in far-flung parts of the country.

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Easy to read and even easier to make that first step on your journey to WAN-tastic connectivity, copies of our SD-WAN comic series can be found below. Don’t forget to check back here for further editions:


A great insight into workplaces of the future…

The year is 2020. Just before an inscrutable new virus forces businesses around the world to switch to remote working practices, a national business finds itself needing a more centralised way to manage its wide area network (WAN) as network performance starts to fail and productivity across the workforce starts to wane…

Who will they turn to? And what will happen in the event of a global crisis?

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A must for healthier public sector networks…

A hospital trust operating from three main sites finds itself tasked with the safe redeployment of some of its secondary care medical workforce during a period of prolonged major incident.

Contending with the need to limit the number of staff and patients in clinical locations, as well as ensuring medical sites remain well-staffed, will the speed, stability and security required of its IT infrastructure cope during this critical period?

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The blueprint for building tomorrow’s infrastructure today…

A construction company readies itself for the start of a large development project at a recently acquired greenfield site. But the site’s remote location with limited fixed infrastructure and wireless coverage looks set to jeopardise the project’s progress.

Can the connectivity required to allow equipment and workers to move around be provided by the rigid solution currently in place?

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A got-to-have-it for savvy, future-thinking retailers

A retailer operating online and across multiple branches wants to develop a presence in a new location. Realising the shortcomings of its existing IT infrastructure, the search is on for a solution that can effortlessly support multiple stores and more connected “things” such as devices, apps, inventory systems, digital payment systems and more.

But without in-house resources or expertise, will the business’ shopping list of requirements be delivered on time…?

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