What is Microsoft Sentinel?

How Microsoft Sentinel, cloud-native software, reinvents SIEM for a modern world.

Security Information and Event Management Software (SIEM) allows security teams to keep on top of security alerts in real-time and is key to helping prevent and combat attacks to minimise the damage.

Cyber activity is becoming progressively more sophisticated and difficult to detect, insider threats are on the rise and the number of security alerts to manage is increasing at the same rate as the growth in data volume – exponentially. While this situation escalates, information security teams are under the same pressures as all other departments – they need to find ways to make systems and processes more efficient, control costs and manage resources.

What’s the problem?

Every security device (and many non-security devices!) generates security logs, typically lots of them! Analysing these logs can be a manual and time-consuming task and require skill and understanding to recognise suspicious activity. Keeping on top of the sheer volume of alerts is difficult and this task is often dropped over time in order to firefight problems and respond to changing IT requirements. Often there are glaring gaps in security monitoring when security systems do not communicate with each other to collaborate and share information on threats.

What is Microsoft Sentinel?

Microsoft Sentinel is Microsoft’s SIEM platform. As Microsoft says, it’s “SIEM reinvented for a modern world”. A SIEM (or Security Information & Event Management) platform is a security monitoring tool which provides real-time analysis of security events in order to generate actionable alerts. By collecting data at cloud scale, Microsoft Sentinel can detect previously uncovered threats to allow security agents to investigate and respond to security incidents with AI, orchestration, and automation.

How does it work?

Microsoft Sentinel aggregates data from all kinds of sources, including users, applications and servers. It does this from devices running either on-premises or in any cloud. Whilst most popular security solutions have dedicated integration, niche solutions can also be integrated using open standard formats such as CEF and Syslog.

Why is Microsoft Sentinel different?

Microsoft is one of the largest security companies in the world, with 3,500 security experts globally and investing over $1 billion every year in cybersecurity. What’s more, the integration between Sentinel and other Microsoft products such as Azure and Microsoft 365 is unparalleled, with greater visibility than possible with other products.


Microsoft Sentinel is a comprehensive SIEM platform which delivers cloud-scale analytics in order to help secure your entire infrastructure. Daisy’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) can help design, deploy and manage a Microsoft Sentinel environment on your behalf, so you can concentrate on moving your organisation forward rather than being tied up with security monitoring and reporting.

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