The secret to people-centric healthcare? People-centric technology [Blog]

Microsoft Surface – empowering the hard-working and dedicated healthcare workforce.

If COVID-19 has produced a “hero” organisation, it’s undoubtedly the NHS. Faced with an almost unimaginable challenge, employees at every level – from clinicians and administrators to support staff of every type – have responded with a humbling level of dedication, professionalism and success.

Tech’s influence is already key

That response has been aided by a sharp acceleration in digital adoption throughout the service – a fact acknowledged by 97% of Trust CEOs.1 The rollout of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and other applications has ushered in new, dynamic and connected ways of working – a literal lifeline to patients, and also to an overstretched workforce battling against burnout and attrition.

Restoring stability and digital sustainability

But it’s a revolution with some way to go. Long-neglected legacy infrastructure still exerts a powerful drag on digital transformation, holding back the continued development of flexible, remote work practices that NHS staff credit with improving productivity and work-life balance.2 A significant proportion (61%) are keen for this digital momentum not to slacken as the pandemic wains,3 while overly rigid work models are cited as a major reason for staff leaving.4

How can NHS Trusts build most effectively on their recent digital gains, while also setting the stage for sustained transformation in the future? By combining the superlative cloud-based connectivity of Microsoft 365 with powerful, versatile and lightweight devices that put power squarely in the end-user’s hands. Devices like those in Microsoft’s Surface range.

Restore and power up: why Surface is the boost healthcare workers need

Practical, ultra-mobile and armed with long-lasting batteries, Surface tablets and laptops boast multiple healthcare-specific accessories, as well as antimicrobial cases and wipes that facilitate sanitisation on the go. All devices are rich in accessibility features that increase the inclusiveness of your workplace.

When combined with their natural partner, the Microsoft 365 application suite, Surface devices come into their own. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, meanwhile, allows colleagues to access, manage and share health data in a dynamic but fully secure way, freeing Trusts from the time-consuming tyranny of paper-based records.

Here are just some of the benefits Surface can bestow on a healthcare workforce:

  • Clinicians (in-house, mobile and remote) can access and update electronic medical records and treatment plans in real-time, making each consultation as efficient and patient-focused as possible
  • With Unified Communications capability and a consistent UX across all devices, collaboration both within teams and with individual specialists becomes easier, enhancing overall care
  • The ability to connect securely “from anywhere” increases flexibility and promotes work-life balance, while mobile carers enjoy reliable, supple connectivity when visiting isolated patients at home
  • Productivity improves, individually and collectively, whether you’re a part of a clinical team or in an administrative role
  • Surface offers a range of different device types and configurations for different roles and functions – from care teams and senior physicians to more static roles like pharmacists. Meanwhile, zero-touch deployment allows administrators to control firmware functionality both on-premises and via the cloud
  • Most importantly, security is built into every layer of the device, from firmware to operating system, making working from home safer than ever. Lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped

How could Microsoft Surface revolutionise staff and patient wellbeing in your facility? Explore the possibilities, and the full range, here.


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