Data and IT Protection: 8 Things You Need to Get Right [Guide]

Data and IT Protection: 8 Things You Need to Get Right

Two of our top consultants took a breather from helping customers design and plan for greater resilience, to consider what overarching advice they could share with IT Managers everywhere – faced with common challenges and constraints around managing data.

With homeworking set to continue for a significant percentage of the UK workforce, issues around security and compliance have risen to the top of the priority list for IT and as a result, ensuring you have appropriate data and IT protection for your business, is vital.

David Davies, Business Continuity and IT Service Continuity Consultant and Ian Wright, Business Continuity Solutions Architect, provide straightforward, no-nonsense explanations and tips that will benefit anyone involved in IT service continuity, IT management and resilience.

IT managers have the tireless task of maintaining uptime across the business. When incidents occur, they sometimes need to escalate to backup and recovery procedures. At that point, you need to know that those elements can be trusted to do what you expect them to. It’s no longer a case of ‘what if?’ you need to recover your data, it’s ‘when’ – and with today’s ‘always on’ ethos, it can’t be left to chance.

Our concise online resource will guide you through the eight things that you need to get right to protect your data and IT effectively. It will help you identify the right provider or solution for pivotal data management services such as backup, replication, archiving and recovery.

About Ian Wright Ian Wright

Ian is a business continuity specialist in Daisy’s Availability Services division. He has worked in business continuity roles for 17 years, starting his career in a highly-technical customer-facing role testing disaster recovery and data backups for London City clients. As technology and clients moved on, Ian then created backup and replication services to the cloud before starting his current role at Daisy Corporate Services. Ian has assisted hundreds of clients in all sectors with disaster recovery and assisting clients with disaster recovery plans to recover to Daisy’s resilient eBackup platform.

About David Davies

David Davies is an award-winning business resilience and IT resilience consultant at Daisy Corporate Services. He has worked in IT resilience and recovery for more than 20 years, starting in a technical role at IBM looking after data backups and testing disaster recovery on very large enterprise systems. David then moved on to project management of disaster recovery testing, then  into business continuity consultancy for the last 14 years. In that time, David has worked with more than 150 organisations as a resilience consultant, some medium-sized but the vast majority being enterprise-sized organisations.

Data and IT Protection: 8 Things You Need to Get Right [Guide]

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