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In association with Mitel and The Manufacturer, download our UK Manufacturing Report to find out the key priorities and concerns for UK manufacturers.

Manufacturing research carried out by Daisy, in partnership with Mitel and The Manufacturer, says that although the UK manufacturing sector as a whole may be technologically advanced, there is a significant disconnect in some organisations between the uses of technology in alignment with core businesses objectives.

Daisy polled UK manufacturing businesses both small (less than 500 employees) and large (500+ employees) to find out their priorities, concerns, insights and plans for embracing digital technologies, unified communications (UC) strategies, Industry 4.0, Big Data, automation and the creation of smart factories.

The Daisy Manufacturing Report summarises the experiences of manufacturers from across 65 UK organisations to allow the wider manufacturing sector to better understand where there is opportunity to create brighter, more profitable futures for themselves, their workforces, and their customers.

Download your free copy of the Manufacturing Report to learn:

  • What UK manufacturers see as the biggest challenges facing their businesses over the next 36 months
  • How many UK manufacturers have a joined-up business and IT strategy in place
  • The predominant focus of manufacturers in creating a Smart Factory strategy
  • What percentage of manufacturing businesses are unlikely to employ a Smart Factory strategy
  • What crucial investments are needed in order to achieve continual output and improved efficiencies
  • Current IT spend of manufacturing businesses both large and small
  • What manufacturers really think about Brexit uncertainty

As more and more manufacturers begin to understand that digital technologies are not a challenge but a huge opportunity to create a brighter and more profitable future for themselves, their workforces and their customers, then these barriers to understanding will fall away.

The manufacturing report concludes:

“To become a true digital business, an organisation needs to adopt an ‘always on’ infrastructure, supported by an agile workforce which is always fully connected and protected. In this way, unified communications enable seamless information sharing, knowledge gathering, collaboration and productivity.”

– Daisy Corporate Services

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