Daisy SD-WAN and The Case of The Redeployed Doctors [Comic Series]

Part of a comic series, our second issue encounters a hospital trust leaning on SD-WAN to redistribute some of its services in a time of national crisis.

A hospital trust which operates from three main sites finds itself tasked with the safe redeployment of some of its secondary care medical workforce during a period of prolonged major incident. Contending with the need to limit the number of staff and patients in clinical locations, as well as ensuring sites remain well-staffed, the speed, stability and security required of its IT infrastructure becomes all the more critical…

Part of a comic series exploring the role of Managed SD-WAN in different working scenarios, our second issue encounters a hospital trust leaning on its existing SD-WAN infrastructure in order to shape and prioritise traffic and redeploy staff to support priority services across multiple sites.

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