Colocation, location, location [eGuide & Checklist]


Download our guide designed to help you work through the drivers, considerations and strategies that any organisation needs to consider when contemplating a move to the cloud and considering a colocation deployment.

At some point every organisation will have to contemplate a migration within their IT infrastructure. Cloud and colocation needs to be a route that is explored – but how do you avoid getting lost along the way?

Get your free copy of this colocation guide and learn:

  1. What triggers a colocation assessment?
  2. The planning, preparation and business case phases
  3. Things to consider in the countdown to a move to colocation
  4. Packing, testing and roll back plan

To help you a evaluate colocation providers when you are touring data centres, there is also a handy checklist to make sure you ask the important questions that will affect your colocation assessment.

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