Colocation Ultimate Checklist

Colocation Ultimate Checklist

A checklist of what to look for when selecting a colocation provider.

There are multiple benefits of colocation, from better connectivity and improved network security to maximising data security and regulatory compliance. Our colocation checklist will help you to reap these benefits.

If your company is looking to migrate to the cloud, colocation provides a smooth transition by allowing you to move your equipment to an offsite facility, with increased capacity and performance to support business needs while ensuring a smooth cloud transition.

However, finding the right colocation provider is no easy feat. It can be time consuming, and you will more than likely have a hundred different questions running through your mind. It’s important to have a clear idea of the features and facilities your business requires before embarking on your tour of data centres – so where do you start?

We have put together a handy checklist of key considerations to help you evaluate colocation providers. The colocation checklist provides an aide-memoire of important questions to ask when considering your next move. It is by no means exhaustive, but it gives you a solid framework to gauge each offering.

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