Business Continuity: Working From Home or Work Area Recovery? [Practical Guide]

Although the reason so many of us have been working from home is not through choice, some businesses and employees have been pleased with what has been achieved during this time and are looking to the future with an altered view of their modus operandi, in terms of where and how we can and should carry out our work.

The decisions you make will be based on your own experiences and contributing factors, and will depend among other things, on the products or services you deliver and the attitudes and well-being of your staff. Extending the same line of thought, businesses that have coped well with homeworking on a large scale may be contemplating the business continuity implications of working from home. Could homeworking be a potential alternative to work area recovery services (WAR)? And what are the implications on planning and managing other business continuity situations?

If you’re thinking about homeworking as a business continuity solution, our practical guide is a great place to start, to help you develop a strategy that is right for your business.

This guide outlines the main considerations for working from home compared with a work area recovery solution, both in the context of a pandemic response and also as a viable solution for the majority of other business continuity events that we need to plan for.

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