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Attracting and retaining colleagues with the right digital skills can be a challenge for local government. Since IT departments often rely of a small number of key people, individuals’ time can be consumed with day-to-day IT operations while exploring new technologies (and their potentially transformative benefits) has to take a back seat.

Ensuring access to fresh, up-to-date IT knowledge is essential for your organisation to work at its best – especially as local authorities adapt to new ways of working post-Covid. A trusted partner like Daisy can help in a number of ways.


Specialist IT partnership, tailored to your needs

Our engineers and technical consultants can work as a natural extension of your in-house IT team, sharing their knowledge to support your team, advise on planning and implement the systems and applications you need.

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Training and enablement

Daisy provides a comprehensive array of training courses and enablement activity to equip your people (both IT staff and end-users) with the skills they need, so your organisation gets the utmost value from each technology investment.

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Technical skills services and outsourcing

Rely on us to provide the skills and expertise you need, when you need them – either on an ongoing or project-specific basis, (or to cover staff absence). Choose between our Rapid IT Workforce and Remote Technical Advice models, depending on your needs. putting cutting-edge expertise at your disposal while reducing the need for new headcount. Choose to outsource specific aspects of your estate (such as end-user support) or opt for one of our comprehensive managed infrastructure services.

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