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From strategy to design, build to deployment – helping you get the most out of your technology investments

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Daisy’s Professional Services enable you to plan, design, implement and operate a mix of technologies and services to support your business success. Available right across our portfolio of solutions – something most of our competitors are unable to provide – we can help you deploy these solutions and get the most from them.

Our consultants, designers and technicians begin with the needs, desired business outcomes and long-term strategy of your business, as well as any pain points you might have experienced with your existing technology. Through consultancy and design, our technology and sector experts can advise on the best way to make a solution work for your business, while our comprehensive project management oversee the transition and implementation projects to ensure business outcomes are met.

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Transformation
  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Transition

Bring all parts of your business closer together

Armed with vital understanding, we can design and implement solutions to make your business smarter – bringing your ultimate vision to life and, where necessary, bridging the gap between old and new technology. The result? Your customers become more engaged, your employees can collaborate better and feel more empowered – plus you have a connected, protected business that’s “always on”, and ready for the next opportunity.

Caring for your business as much as you do

We want you to get the absolute best from your technology solution, including the maximum return on investment (ROI). That means the best approach for you, every time. It means considering a multitude of factors that could influence the success of your deployment, from resource allocation to future scalability and cost, so that you’re fully confident with each decision.

You have unrivalled access to a broad range of solutions from the most trusted brands and technologies on the market through Daisy, ensuring a truly seamless fit between technology and business goals.

Achieve your business outcomes as effectively as possible

Daisy provides best-fit, best-in-class management solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes and across all industries, attested by our strong and varied services heritage. All our project managers are rigorously trained in PRINCE2 methodology as well as risk management, stakeholder management, planning and reporting.

The right people in the right places

With broad and deep technical expertise across our project services staff, we can provide a team with the right combination of skills for your particular project. The lead project manager is a single point of contact who can agree goals, timelines and critical dependencies. Senior project managers, meanwhile, can help you affect large-scale, high-stakes transitions involving multiple work streams.

Confidence in the end result

We ensure you easily avoid or overcome the common challenges associated with project management, from scope creep to resource conflicts, lack of accountability and more. We make sure things are delivered on time and on budget, freeing you up to derive as much benefit as possible from your technology.

Working with the best to deliver the best

We enjoy top-tier accredited partnerships with the biggest technology vendors around, from Microsoft, HPE and Cisco to BT, Mitel, Vodafone and more.
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