Cisco Partner Lifecycle Services - Support (PLS-S)

One single point of contact for priority multi-vendor support

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Solutions are no longer one product with an operating system; they include many hardware and software elements that must be managed and supported holistically.

Organisations have an average of 10 – 20+ technology provider relationships.

Each provider supports its own product, but none is responsible for the overall solution. Until now . . .

What is PLS-S?

​Partner Lifecycle Services – Support (PLS-S) is a Daisy and Cisco delivered premium-level service that provides comprehensive technical support for customers with complex IT environments.

​With PLS-S, customers benefit from rapid response times, multivendor expertise, and a holistic approach to problem-solving.

​PLS-S goes beyond traditional hardware or software support and addresses issues across a customer’s IT ecosystem, including interconnected software, hardware, and devices.

Get complex issues solved 44%* faster than with Cisco product support.

Wireless LAN Management



A priority service level and 30-minute response feature help you quickly get to Cisco experts and back to business.​

Investment from Daisy integrating our IT Service Management system with Cisco means the updates are seamless and all details are shared.​

Primary Point of Contact​

Get continuity of service from first call to resolution from a Cisco architecture expert who is accountable for your case no matter where the issue resides.​

Immediate escalation to Cisco experts to ensure swift progression of the issue.​

Multi-Vendor Expertise​

Building on Daisy’s multi-vendor expertise, Cisco themselves will also provide support for non-Cisco devices which form part of the overall solution.​

Assurance that the vendor will engage to resolve an issue with the overall solution rather than focusing purely on the Cisco element.

Key features PSS / Smart-Net Total and/or SW Support Care PLS-S
24×7 access to Cisco’s Support Services Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
Fast hardware replacements from two hours to next business day + OS updates
Maintenance, minor, and major software release updates
Webex virtual spaces contact preference for low severity issues
Reduced triage required to open a case
Service response objective for severity 1 and 2 cases 60 minutes 30 minutes
Primary point of contact accountable for solution issues: single product, multiproduct, multivendor
Coordination of Alliance Partner support teams until resolution for multivendor issues
Deep expertise in solutions, architectures, and interoperability across software and hardware
Can look beyond original case scope and recommend actions to address known issues

Multi-Product & Multi-Vendor

PLS-Support shifts from product-focused support in multivendor environments to solution-focused support. It allows us to provide proactive insights across your ecosystems. We can resolve incidents providing superior outcomes across hardware, software and other solutions.

With PSS you raise a ticket for each product requiring support. This means one for each server, one for each switch, one for each router etc. However, with PLS-S you raise one ticket for all products.

The same goes for multiple vendors – regardless of who the product manufacturer is, you just raise the one ticket. The assigned engineer will take care of all your support requirements.