Acronis by Daisy

Protect all your endpoints with built-in backup and security

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Modernise your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection for all your endpoints.

This is an all-in-one solution that provides backup and security that can cover your mobiles, laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines and also cloud suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. Our comprehensive range of license, install and managed service packages lets you mix and match options across your IT estate for a solution that protects everything you need in a way that suits your requirements.

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Introducing Acronis by Daisy

Acronis by Daisy delivers fast and reliable backup and recovery of your apps, systems and data, along with next-generation security based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), remote management functionality and reporting.


What's protected and how?


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Fast and reliable recovery of your apps, systems and data

  • Mobiles and tablets
  • Desktops and laptops
  • Virtual machines and servers
  • Cloud productivity suites (such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace)


Based on next-generation AI and ML and machine learning

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Ransomware protection
  • Vulnerability assessment


Group management, reporting and patching of devices

  • Remote assistance
  • Automated patching
  • Hard drive health
  • Dashboard and reports

Licence packs

Feature / Licence Base Advanced DR Advanced Backup Advanced Security Advanced Management
Backup Server, Virtual Machine and Application Backup orange tick
Workstation and Mobile Backup orange tick
Cloud Productivity Suite Backup orange tick
Continuous Data Protection and Data Protection Map orange tick
Centralised Backup Scanning orange tick
Support for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Oracle DB, SAP HANA orange tick
Disaster Recovery Cloud based disaster recovery orange tick
Security Vulnerability assessment orange tick
Ransomware protection orange tick
Antivirus & anti-malware (cloud signatures) orange tick
Antivirus & anti-malware (local signatures) orange tick
Forensic backup orange tick
Safe recovery orange tick
Device Management Drive health monitoring orange tick
Remote assistance & remote wipe orange tick
Automated patching (Microsoft OS & apps) orange tick
Automated patching (third-party apps) orange tick
Fail-safe patching orange tick

Advanced protection bundle available which includes Advanced Backup, Security and Management packs

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Build your solution to fit your requirements

1. Start with the base license

Backup, security and device management

2. Add advanced licenses

Advanced Backup
Continuous data protection, data protection map, SQL/Oracle/SAP

Cloud based disaster recovery

Advanced Security
Forensic backup, safe recovery, local AV engine

Advanced Manage-
Fail-safe patching, patch third party apps

3. Add install assistance

Let Daisy configure the portal, roll out the client yourself

Daisy install
Let Daisy configure and roll out the solution

4. Add management

Direct access to the cloud portal, on demand support from Daisy

Everything in Essentials, plus monitoring and reporting

Enterprise Plus
Leave it to us – a fully managed service

Example service
acronis requirements jigsaw image

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Breaches are costly

dount chart diagram
Every endpoint on your corporate network is a potential “way in” for cyber criminals
Virtual Machines

Threats are increasing

Successful attacks cost large organisations £5.3m on average

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Sources: The State of Endpoint Security Risk, Emerson Network Power-sponsored study by the Ponemon Institute, PWC US CEO Survey, The Annual Study of the State of Endpoint Security Risk, Ponemon Institute, 2020. Approximate exchange rate of 1USD:0.75GBP used for calculation

Why you need an integrated solution

Using multiple solutions for protection can restrict what you can achieve overall, add unnecessary complexity and cost and conversely, be less secure than a single solution that does more. For example:

Traditional antivirus solutions do not protect data

  • No data recovery
  • No protection against advanced and zero-day attacks
  • Address known vulnerabilities only

More tools add complexity

  • Conflicting agents
  • Back end and staff costs
  • No single pane of glass

Traditional backups are not secure

  • Vulnerable to attacks, breaches and modifications
  • Infected, non-restorable machines
  • No self-protection, no investigations support

Our integrated solution:

green check markEliminates complexity

green check markDelivers new security capabilities

green check markKeeps costs down

One licence / One agent / One management console / One user interface

Why Acronis by Daisy?

This all-in-one service means that you can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

Backup Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Microsoft and Google are not responsible for your data and recommend that you complete regular backups to an external platform.

Remote worker protection

Protect remote workers from viruses, malware and ransomware attacks whether they are in the office, at a coffee shop or working from home.

Simplified onboarding

Discover all devices that require protection and remotely install just one agent for anti-malware, backup, remote desktop and patching.

Zero-day malware and ransomware protection

With industry-leading, technology featuring static and behavioural analysis.

Compliance and forensic investigations

Image-based backup of forensic data to assist incident investigations.

Post malware-attack recovery

Lower risk of reinfection with anti-malware backup scans and pre-recovery patch updates.

Protection for all key files

See what data is covered at-a-glance via the Data Protection Map.

Centralised patching

Protect all software (not just Microsoft) and cover all clients using one tool.

Real-time protection of important documents

Count on continuous data protection to immediately save all changes to critical files, even between backups.

Minimise unplanned downtime

Benefit from simplified maintenance routines and proactive protection, including hard drive health checks, on-time patches and regular vulnerability assessments