5 Must-Do Steps to Protect Homeworkers

With so many organisations concerned about the security vulnerabilities of homeworking, we’ve collated the five most significant steps you can take to keep homeworkers, and by extension, your corporate environment, safe.  Take a look to see if you have them all covered.

For many of us, the way we work has changed significantly in recent times. We have embraced the cloud and new technologies and seen the evaporation of our traditional security perimeter into numerous disparate and diverse endpoints. All of these developments have added complexity to a threat landscape that constantly changes and includes the targeted exploitation of any such change.

The advice that we give our customers is focused on a simple, sensible approach. This document outlines the basic steps that you need to take to protect homeworkers, and explains why, so that you can make sure the solutions and policies that you have in place already are protecting you in the way that they should.

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