Your Homeworking Security Essentials [Guide]

Extended homeworking increases the need for seamless, end-to-end security

People are now employing multiple ways to access applications, data and resources that in many cases, were previously only available within the office environment. While opening up remote access is currently a necessity, it makes you more vulnerable at a time cyber-criminals are working hard to take advantage. Make sure you’ve got the basics covered with our checklist of homeworking security requirements (below).

66% of business leaders have reported an increase in cyber threat exposure* from digitisation and the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020 found that cyberattacks have evolved and become more frequent even prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Now is a good time to re-evaluate how to effectively discover, prevent and respond to the new threat landscape and support your new business operating model. This is especially important when catering for changes to the way you work and even more so, when these changes have been implemented at short notice.  You will also find timely reminders to help with:

  • the core elements you should have in place at your HQ to maintain your security posture
  • making sure your security policies are appropriate to your current working model
  • the main security lifecycle stages to cover in your strategy
  • how Daisy can help

*statistic courtesy of Forcepoint

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