Working Together to Improve Organisational Resilience [Infographic]

Free infographic highlighting ways to bridge the gap for a more resilient approach to business continuity.

Cybercrime is a game-changer for organisational resilience. Not only does it make business-wide incidents far more likely, but the spread and impact of a cyberattacks are difficult to assess.

It is crucial for anyone aligned to achieving resilience across your business, to work together effectively. Not being prepared will impact the organisation severely, so a shared understanding and planning across the functions of risk management, business continuity, information security and IT has never been more important.

Daisy’s Backupsolutions can help you protect and recover your data appropriate to the requirements of your business. What’s more, our Safe Haven service can deliver on or offsite cyber response management to help you continue working in a clean environment.

Three steps you can take to work together more effectively:

  1. Build a shared relationship

Write a Terms of Reference for resilience, with clear lines of responsibility and handovers:

  • During Business as Usual
  • During Incidents

Start a resilience forum to bring the functions together with the sponsorship of the senior management team:

  • Work in a coordinated way to prevent and recover from incidents
  • Establish a common understanding of the risks the business faces
  1. Plan together

Establish a common response with integrated strategies and plans, to include:

  • Incident prevention (including cyber-attack)
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Continuity
  • IT Service Continuity
  • Maintaining Information Security during and after the incident
  • Scenario exercises and tests to validate this integrated resilience
  1. Share

Drive internal awareness of resilience, based on a combination of risk management, business continuity, information security and IT service continuity elements shared across the organisation.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out how you can work together within your organisation more effectively. Click on the image to expand.

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