Top Challenges For Data Availability and Protection Today

Get the latest facts and figures that show the biggest risks to data today, in our stats-packed guide.

Whatever your business, your scale or your industry sector, and whether your IT is on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two – you need to keep your data secure and compliant. And these days, your users and customers need to be able to access, use and save data from anywhere at any time. A mixture of external threats and internal risks threaten your ability to provide this “always-on” availability and ensure your data is safe when something goes wrong. This insightful guide will provide food for thought that will relate to protecting your own environment.

How to use this stats-packed guide

In times past, you would have stuck these facts and figures on the office wall to scare your CEO. At the very least, you would have been assured of a big-budget sign-off to address your data availability and protection requirements. These days you may have to content yourself with using the stats to make up thought-provoking (and alarming) quiz questions for your team quiz night!

But whatever you do with the information in this guide, you won’t want to do nothing…

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