So, Your Microsoft Teams Is Running Slow?

Microsoft Teams is a great application to ensure you and your people stay connected, organised and informed – until – it stops working! But did you know that a lot of Microsoft Teams issues are actually problems with your internet or WiFi connection?

What are the signs that you may have a slow internet or WiFi connection?

Whenever you experience the following issues within your Microsoft Teams environment, it may mean you have a slow connection:

  • Teams runs slowly
  • Calls keep dropping
  • Calls have static and cut out, or voices sound like robots

What can you do to minimise problems with your Microsoft Teams application?

So, now you know that a lot of problems around Microsoft Teams maybe more about your internet or WiFi connection rather than the application itself, what can you do about it?

Here are some key steps you can take to ensure your Teams environment runs as efficiently as possible:

  • Check your WiFi connection. This is one of the biggest reasons for issues with Microsoft Teams
  • Check your router and its settings
  • Ensure your firewall is setup correctly to allow Microsoft Teams to operate correctly
  • Stop other system processes in the background
  • Clear Microsoft Teams cache
  • Repair Microsoft Teams
  • Reinstall Microsoft Teams
  • Use the Microsoft Teams Web version
  • Ensure your network is optimised for Microsoft Teams (please check Microsoft’s website for more information …

If you’ve checked everything but the problem still remains, what else can you do?

If the problem persists after following this checklist, perhaps it’s time to invest in a faster, more stable internet connection. At Daisy, we provide a wide range of WAN, LAN and WiFi solutions tailored to your requirements and business needs.

In conclusion and quick recommendations

In conclusion, whenever you experience problems with your Microsoft Teams application, don’t forget to check your internet and WiFi connection before you raise any faults and tickets with your IT team or service provider.


Try to keep your connectivity and Microsoft Teams with the same supplier, by doing this you can troubleshoot and resolve any potential issues quicker. At Daisy, we are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, have relationships with all of the major networks and can even provide your connection and Microsoft Teams billing on one invoice.

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