SD-WAN: The Future of Connectivity? [White paper]

Digital marketing and technology expert Dan Sodergren explores the possibilities of SD-WAN.

As a country that built some of the first railways, introduced the world to the Internet and powered the first industrial revolution we are familiar with taking on new ideas and new ways of thinking. The connectivity revolution is here but in order to embrace real change, do we need to step back in time? Do we need a more Victorian mindset?

BBC’s digital technology expert Dan Sodergren believes we do. It’s time to evolve. It’s time for SD-WAN.

In this white paper, Dan talks about how the answer to true digital transformation lies in embracing change and new technology in the form of SD-WAN delivered by Cisco Meraki and Daisy.

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  • How SD-WAN could be the future of connectivity for your business
  • How SD-WAN can work for you NOW
  • How SD-WAN can help achieve greater agility
  • The benefits of zero-touch collaboration
  • How to achieve greater transparency
  • How to make bottom line efficiencies


About the Author

Dan Sodergren is a digital marketing and technical expert for the BBC. He is often seen on the BBC Breakfast red sofa, is a regular on BBC Radio Five Live and BBC Scottish Radio, and is seen as a tech and digital expert on shows such as Real, Fake or Unknown, Supershoppers, The One show, BBC Watchdog and Rip Off Britain. He has a love of the future and is especially interested in technology, mobile and #TheFUTUREworker.

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