How to Best Prepare for Ransomware [Guide]

Our handy guide provides practical information, tips and advice that will help you avoid becoming a ransomware victim.

Despite the newest, most effective security solutions, no IT system is 100% secure. We are all susceptible to a ransomware breach and demand for ransomware payments has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. For ransomware to pay, criminals need more than a “way in” to your network. They also need your data to be vulnerable.

This guide helps you to understand the threat and explores the most common ways a ransomware breach happens. It outlines things that your IT staff and users can do to avoid common mistakes and vulnerabilities, and reduce the chances of an unwanted intrusion. It also looks at ways you can protect your data so that you can avoid a situation where someone who has broken into your network, can completely deny you access to your live and backed-up data.

Beat Ransomware Guide

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