Exclusive Pre-release Content: Daisy Customer Portal!

Next month sees a series of exciting changes being made to our customer portal so that we can continue to serve you in the best way possible. And so, as our valued customer, we wanted you to be in the know!

Launch of case management

Daisy Corporate Services is committed to upholding our obligations against a wide range of IT and telecommunications products and services to meet our customers’ needs, optimising the experience they have, and working to maintain their availability. Users will see incident and request tickets changed to a case (denoted with a CS prefix) which aims to expand our capabilities to deliver multiple service operations processes whilst keeping the focus on the information that matters to you.

Maintaining our focus on ITIL frameworks, a case can and still will be handled as an incident, but may have associated change requests, problem requests and potentially major outage or incident records. Providing the customer with a single pane of glass to see the customer-facing activity associated to all these records simplifies our approach and provides a clearer understanding to our efforts to keep your solutions up and running or managing changes to meet your businesses needs.

Fresh new look

We have redesigned the look and feel of the CSM portal focusing attention on what matters most. Still offering a fully responsive view whether via laptop, tablet, or mobile device, we have taken your feedback on board and simplified the home page, presenting the tools and features you use most directly from there.

Optimised search features

Our home page search provides a central point to access our growing Knowledge Base, Service Request Catalogue, and direct links to existing cases. Simply begin to type a case number, or a few words to help us understand your requirements and we will deliver our recommendations immediately for you to select.

The portal aims to deliver a consistent experience wherever you are collaborating with us. If we believe we can offer you a better way to resolve your issue or fulfil your request whilst raising a case or asking us a question, we’ll make recommendations for you to select wherever we can!

Intelligent case creation

We understand the importance of fast response, resolution and fulfilment which is why we have engineered our case creation to guide our portal users through optimised question sets and decision making. By asking the right questions and delivering you the best options, we can take the information we need, deliver your case to the most appropriate team, and turn around your cases faster and with better results.

Easier access to our Service Catalogue

We’ve added direct access to our ever-growing Service Catalogue to the portal allowing users to easily navigate through our products and services at a simple, understandable level and select the specific request and change types they require. Providing clear and guided paths to submit requests aims to increase our efficiency on delivery and turn around, whilst assisting your end-users and IT teams to understand the requirements needed to submit requests with ease.

Enhanced dashboard view

We’ve brought Case Management to front-and-centre of our home page providing easy access to your active cases, as well as providing additional widgets to manage approvals, changes and requests which will dynamically update as you approve them so as not to create confusion within your change and request management users. As our knowledge bases begin to support your teams, we will present you the most viewed and useful articles to better the experience for the people who matter to you, not us.

Help when you need it most!

Our aim is to deliver a portal experience that can support you and your users 24/7 but we realise sometimes you need to reach to get a little extra support. Your dedicated DCS support team contacts are all now available via our new home page including account manager, service manager and service teams with escalation paths included for, what we hope, are the infrequent times you need some additional help.

We’ve boosted our self-help options across the portal to include ‘Tours’ – easy-access guided tours which can help users navigate the features and tools with ease, reducing the need for training, demonstrations, and assistance to get up to speed.

Open for feedback 24/7/365

We take great pride in our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) performance and have now added additional channels for feedback into the portal itself. Whether your users feel compelled to share their feelings on working with us or have specific feedback to our knowledge articles they can access our feedback forms or comment and score our articles providing immediate opportunities for us to improve our offerings in the future.


Should you have any questions or feedback in relation to our Customer Portal and the upcoming changes, please complete the below enquiry form and a member of our team will contact you directly to discuss.

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