Discover the Secret Recipe for Business Resilience on National Pasta Day!

October 17 is National Pasta Day, a day dedicated to celebrating one of the world’s most beloved comfort foods – pasta! But did you know that pasta can teach us valuable lessons about Business Continuity Management (BCM)? Just like the layers of a mouth-watering lasagne, BCM is a multi-layered approach that ensures the resilience of a business during times of crisis. Let’s explore how each layer of a lasagne aligns with the essential components of BCM, making it a delicious recipe for success.

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Layer 1: The Foundation – Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

Just like the sturdy base of a lasagne, the foundation of BCM lies in risk assessment and business impact analysis. Before assembling the layers of a lasagne, you need to know the perfect ingredients to achieve the best taste. Similarly, understanding potential risks and identifying critical business functions is essential to BCM. This forms the backbone of the strategy, enabling businesses to allocate resources wisely and prioritise efforts effectively.


Layer 2: Preventive Measures – Building the Pasta Sheets

The pasta sheets in a lasagne act as a barrier between the layers, preventing the ingredients from blending into chaos. Similarly, preventive measures in BCM are designed to mitigate risks and prevent potential disruptions. These measures include implementing security protocols, redundancies, and disaster recovery systems. Just as pasta sheets add structure, BCM’s preventive measures add resilience, safeguarding organisations from potential disasters.


Layer 3: Crisis Response – The Savoury Sauce

When a lasagne is cooked to perfection, the layers blend harmoniously, thanks to the savoury sauce that ties everything together. Likewise, crisis response is where all the BCM planning, and preparation come together. This layer involves creating incident response plans, communication strategies, and emergency procedures. A well-designed crisis response ensures that everyone knows their roles during a disruption, minimising confusion and enabling swift reactions.


Layer 4: Recovery and Restoration – The Layers of Cheese and Meat

The layers of cheese and meat in a lasagne provide substance and flavour. Similarly, the recovery and restoration phase within BCM brings the business back to full functionality after a crisis. This stage focuses on resuming critical operations and gradually returning organisations to normalcy. It involves restoring data, rebuilding infrastructure, and addressing any remaining challenges. Like the layers of cheese and meat, BCM’s recovery and restoration ensure stability and continuity.


Layer 5: Continuous Improvement – The Perfect Cheese Blend on Top

Much like the crowning layer of a lasagne, which features a rich and savoury cheese blend, BCM places great importance on continuous improvement. When a crisis occurs, it becomes essential to carefully assess the response and draw valuable insights from the experience. This feedback loop enables organisations to refine their BCM strategy over time, effectively adapting to new threats and challenges.



As we celebrate National Pasta Day with a mouth-watering Business Continuity Lasagne, we can’t help but marvel at how pasta’s layers of deliciousness align with the essential components of BCM. From the sturdy foundation of risk assessments and business impact analysis to the preventive measures acting as protective pasta sheets, and the savoury crisis response sauce bringing everything together, BCM proves to be a recipe for success.


Buon appetito!

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