Daisy OnlineUC Mitel, delivering a game changing service [Infographic]

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Your clients are driving the adoption of new technology – are you keeping up? Take a look at our infographic to learn more

Our legal clients are telling us their sector is going through a time of intense change, complete with its own unique mix of challenges. A soaring regulatory burden consumes more and more time and resources, while clients expect an increasingly efficient, personalised service powered by the latest technology.

How can Daisy help?

By leveraging a truly flexible unified communications solution, firms can improve productivity across all fee-earning and supporting team members, and reduce costs in many ways. Equip your staff with access to Daisy OnlineUC Mitel and join the the UK’s top 100 law firms who already use Mitel technology.
Why? Because it aligns with your key business priorities:

  • Remain competitive
  • Provide your people with the tools they need to collaborate and develop
  • Boost your revenues
  • Achieve resilience and data sovereignty without compromise

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