Cyber Security Evaluation: Check Your Security Posture [Self-evaluation]

Our comprehensive evaluation is designed for you to download and use to assess your current cyber security posture against a set of critical questions.

Why “take the test”?

This evaluation will allow you to review your current coverage of essential cyber security elements and identify areas that need attention. Along the way, it gives you helpful tips and a few suggestions of solutions that can help with each element – if you need them.

Security remains a key challenge for UK organisations, with COVID-19, Brexit pressures, and homeworking creating new opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit. We advocate a simple and sensible approach to security, aligned to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework. We group the five high-level functions that NIST covers, into the areas of Discovery (identify, detect), Prevention (protect) and Response (respond, recover) to help you create a well-rounded approach to security.

Who should download this evaluation tool?

All IT and information security professionals will benefit from better understanding their cyber security posture and their level of vulnerability and risk. Formal security audits are important, but it’s also essential to understand the fundamental truths yourself. This evaluation presents a useful cross-section of the building blocks included in the NIST framework.

Our cyber security evaluation will help you assess your current security posture and provide pointers towards improvements where you may need it. Download your copy to:

  • Assess your security posture with comprehensive evaluation questions
  • Receive tips on each key point
  • Find out which Daisy solutions can help you

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