Cloud Networking with ExtremeCloud™ IQ [Video]

Cloud networking with ExtremeCloud

Learn how to create a more efficient network environment with cloud networking

The cloud simplifies and vastly reduces complexity and cost of IT service delivery – and now your wired, wireless and data centre access networks can enjoy the very same benefits thanks to cloud networking. Knowing that you are in complete control of your network with a flexible, agile, secure, and intelligent solution that supports present and future needs, means you can rest easy and spend more time driving your business forward.

In this video, we introduce ExtremeCloud™ IQ – the industry’s first 4th generation, end-to-end, cloud-deployed network management tool available on all major cloud providers, complete with ISO 27001 certification. With ExtremeCloud™ IQ you can connect your people, applications and information in the most simplified and secure way, whilst streamlining all aspects of your network from deployment to maintenance.

Whatever your sector or type of business, we can help you create a more efficient network environment with cloud-driven networking.

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